Kid Whitney Houston Gets Standing Ovation From Simon Cowell on BGT | Kids Got Talent

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 17, 2019
  • Watch singer Maria Gough on Britian's Got Talent 2015, as she amazes Simon Cowell and the judges with her voice and gets standing ovation.What did you think about her audition?? Let us know in the comments below...Subscribe to Kids Talent Global:
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  • Cobra strike

     1 months ago

    Now that was just awesome. I believe Whitney herself would've given that girl an emphatic yes!

  • Sarah Angel

     5 days ago

    she has a very good voice

  • Janice Anderson

     6 days ago

    You are great,!

  • Susan Baker

     29 days ago

    The change in Simon's facial expression from the start to the end is almost as amazing as Maria's song.

  • Jean Nadal

     23 days ago

    He has a heart like all of us....its just that if people could only focus to understand why He is the way He is would stop judgying wrong.What I mean to say is that the man learned from all the times He had to taste bitter paths, rough moments.Its not the times you fall honey, but the ways you learn to stand fathers words.My fathers my best friend and Im 40 years old.😲Ignorant, stupid girl? Id respect your opinion.....STILL, Does a father deceive own daughter?

  • Jean Nadal

     23 days ago

    Oh Susan Baker: You cant imagine how much and deep I LOVE that man.I, unlike the rest understand Simons optical, how He is , is actually what helps them to perfect their best.

  • Anne Corey


    Very good voice nice girl can sing she is very good thank you for sharing your beautiful video love your voice thanks


     1 months ago

    You make me remembering the voice of of Whitney houston, future baby girl like Whitney

  • Sarah Angel

     5 days ago

    she has great voice

  • William Fullingim

     20 days ago

    Jc Vaughan huh?

  • Alan Velez

     1 months ago

    My Lord!, she is an angel from Heaven.

  • Corey Maze

     18 days ago

    What's up?! WoW! She's beautiful and amazing voice?! I agree with your comment, BUT! the sad TRUTH is that the young Angel will, unknowingly, SELL HER SOUL?!😔💧😱

  • Mrs Styrkii

     2 days ago

    Simon face states it all. In time she would be closer.


     19 days ago

    Aaww - AWESOME performance !! She really sung it from her HEART !!

  • Marcus Gordon

     5 days ago

    Check out her other videos, she is truly a freak of nature, incredible singer.

  • Margie Olson

     18 days ago


  • Dreamwriterpoet

     8 hours ago

    What is a fabulous sound young lady's name?

  • Chady C


    Wow that was amazing whitney Houston would be proud may God continue to bless her she got it and somebody sign her 🙌🙏

  • Diego Ruffini

     43 minutes ago


  • Neil Spowart

     1 months ago

    with that kind of performance, got just 2 words "Golden Buzzer"

  • Angela Kifer

     11 days ago

    Regardless of whether you like the song or singer, this is an incredibly hard song to say sing. She is amazing!

  • Icea Scarlet Smith

     18 days ago