Building my Dream House In Minecraft

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 6, 2019
  • Building my Dreamhouse In Minecraft Grian has already built 2 of his real life houses but since he's run out of real houses he is going to try building the house of his wildest dreams.

    Thank you to Pearlescentmoon for making the textures for this video

    What do you think? What would your dream house look like?
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  • tze12 han15

    tze12 han15

     13 minutes ago

    Use the chizel n bits mod

  • Lunar Watcher

    Lunar Watcher

     8 hours ago +1


    Iskall: *Sees this build*

    Also Iskall: Muahaha... GRAB MY BUMBO KIT!

  • Rinor Shala

    Rinor Shala

     10 hours ago

    Wow good job 🙏🙏🙌 my dream house it would look like this but not with that interrior but u did a good job

  • JKoonss


     11 hours ago

    Me: Watching the video
    Also me: "clears out a woodland mansion to live in"

  • ice sickle

    ice sickle

     23 hours ago

    I built my dream house and i uses over 30k blocks for the entire house

  • C



    It is not so massive... but thats good, because from the regular minecraft scale it still looks nice. When you build something really huge, and once you land on the floor... you cannot look at it easily.

  • Br3x



    Awesome. Very nice build. Now I have the urge to try to build my own dream house xD!

  • 100k Subscribers With No videos challenge

    100k Subscribers With No videos challenge


    Are you British or American ? I can’t tell

  • Jackson


     yesterday +2

    Kingsman headquarters

  • Julia Keirle

    Julia Keirle


    Grain: “MaHoOsIVe

    Me: 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • CosmicalX


     2 days ago +2

    If Grian would have infinite money, he would go to redstone school. :D

  • Iya Pasinos

    Iya Pasinos

     2 days ago

    I’m a bArbIe GuRl

  • Stephanie Sanchez

    Stephanie Sanchez

     2 days ago

    1st thing cool house 2st thing with out the resorses pack it look like a prince house 3rd my dream house is super different than that

  • Luna Cloud

    Luna Cloud

     2 days ago

    I stay away from making my dream house in minecraft, because when I really want things that are impossible to get I almost like am obsessed over it.

  • Shamima Akter

    Shamima Akter

     2 days ago

    My dream house would be a 2 story house

  • Xx s u n xX

    Xx s u n xX

     3 days ago

    Hey grian, there's this mod called chisel and bits I think you should check it out

  • Kenzly Arkovi Onido

    Kenzly Arkovi Onido

     3 days ago


  • Potato Sakichan

    Potato Sakichan

     3 days ago

    Grian life in the dream house (woof woof)
    Its barbie

  • Subject Delta Δ

    Subject Delta Δ

     3 days ago +1

    Grian: “it’s simple”
    Me, someone who messes up even a garden: [visible confusion]

  • mEmE 2000

    mEmE 2000

     3 days ago

    I like it without the texture pack, but maybe that's cause that house but if it was pink would be my dream house 😂