Vanilla WoW: Top 10 Levelling Tips and Tricks!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 17, 2016
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    In this Wow Vanilla video I discuss my top 10 levelling tips and tricks for vanilla world of warcraft. Let me know what you think!
    I hope that this guide helps you level quickly. Let me know if you have any tips or tricks for levelling in vanilla wow :)
    Please do not take the content of this video as fact, again, it's only my experience.

    Please make sure to let me know if you want to see more videos like this and if you have any suggestions, leave a comment down below.

    Vanilla WoW: Quest or Quest and Grind:

    /run if UnitExists"target"then SendChatMessage("ENTER HERE YOUR TEXT","WHISPER",nil,UnitName"target")end

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    Hope you enjoyed this video and thanks for watching

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  • World of Will

    World of Will

     2 years ago +38

    Hi guys, update for you. For some reason, the first point of drowning for Night Elves does not seem to be working. I originally tested this on the Nostalrius server without issue. This no longer seems to be the case in the Light's Hope realm as well as other vanilla servers. Point 2 does still work as of writing this comment (tested yesterday)

  • Tyler Printz

    Tyler Printz

     a months ago

    he sounds like the computer on courage the cowardly dog

  • Tomas Strøm

    Tomas Strøm

     2 months ago +1

    Xperl? Zperl? Cant find for classic.. looks like u use it OR?
    If so how to find it?

  • mmorpg leveling

    mmorpg leveling

     2 months ago

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  • Exxcalibur S

    Exxcalibur S

     3 months ago

    Jesus fuck. All this haste. Enjoy the journey and chill the fuck out imo.

  • enkadu007


     3 months ago

    2hats the addon that shows the targeted players or npcs hp/mana

  • Evan Mckenzie

    Evan Mckenzie

     3 months ago

    Do you have a list of your addons anywhere?

  • turtle born

    turtle born

     3 months ago

    liked ,subbed and shared

    great informative vids

  • Anon Amuss

    Anon Amuss

     3 months ago

    I got dead via the mobs in the water while taking the short cut to Ratchet however the nearest graveyard was... Ratchet!!

  • Keifer


     3 months ago

    here for classic. great video. well done, cheers.

  • Snake


     3 months ago

    Huge waste of time.

  • HL


     3 months ago

    it isnt vanilla wow though its classic and there are some differences. wish people would stop calling it vanilla , it is not!

  • john tucker

    john tucker

     4 months ago

    One of the weird Things i'm looking forward to this time is cooking and fishing, i never touched it back in Vanilla, i was a druid so never tought I needed it, looking forward to getting my hands on my pole this time!!.....yeah....

  • john tucker

    john tucker

     4 months ago

    My advice for anyone playing Classic especially if its for the first time, don't look at any of the guides and tips vids, don't try to level as fast as you can and skip to raiding...thats not what Vanilla is all about...the journey to 60 is 80% of the game.

  • john tucker

    john tucker

     4 months ago +2

    The rested xp thing, i've known people in the past who made a bank alt of every class, then every time that alt hit max rested they'd lvl it until the rested was gone then wait agai, rinse and repeat, it takes time but does not really take that much out of your main char and you end up with several mid level chars that you may was to fully level someday.

  • john tucker

    john tucker

     4 months ago

    Haha i remember back in the day finding a bed or a chair or a comfy hedge ( being a feral druid ) to log out on, can't just log out standing up no no no.

  • Mulm Flöte

    Mulm Flöte

     4 months ago

    2 weeeek Guys😍

  • Dishonoredlover


     4 months ago

    Great tips. Thanks

  • Anthony Gillard

    Anthony Gillard

     4 months ago +1

    can confirm lazypig is fcking awesome... also adds a keybind in bindings to select a wsg carrier in WSG.

  • Robert Brian Renfro

    Robert Brian Renfro

     4 months ago

    I'm pretty sure you sound like Korg from Thor Ragnarok and it's awesome! Good video! :)