Trying WEIRD Food Combinations People ACTUALLY LIKE

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 13, 2018
  • hi it’s kian & i’m using my phone to upload so this description prolly won’t be that great so bare w me :)

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  • mia L.J.

    mia L.J.


    They way Kian looked at JC lol 7:49

  • BalloonBerry


     2 days ago

    Try instant lunch(Maruchan) with avocado

  • rebekah curtis

    rebekah curtis

     4 days ago

    Kian literally has a hickey on his neck in soooooo many videos 😂😂😂

  • Wonho Bubbles

    Wonho Bubbles

     5 days ago

    OMG WHEN JC SANG MIDDLE I SCREAMED ‘fucking marry bitch’ 🤣🤣😫

  • Keifer Sampson

    Keifer Sampson

     5 days ago

    Two words. Peanut butter grilled cheese

  • Abigail Byrd

    Abigail Byrd

     6 days ago

    "cause I'm christian" felt that lol

  • Taylor Marie

    Taylor Marie

     7 days ago

    •Doritos & Mustard
    •Anything fried (Chicken tenders, Mozzarella Sticks, tater tots) tipped in a chocolate shake 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • NumberOne Panda

    NumberOne Panda

     7 days ago

    Peanutbutter and bologna sandwich or peanutbutter and onion sandwich or nacho doritos and cottage cheese or toasted everything bagel with cream cheese and hot cheetohs

  • Jeanie Bean

    Jeanie Bean

     7 days ago +1

    “ i LOve. WhEN mY DaD GeTS HURt” 😂😂

  • Jayden Ogin

    Jayden Ogin

     14 days ago

    The peanut butter and pickle sandwich is the food ur mom says is at the house

  • delaneyyys life

    delaneyyys life

     14 days ago

    Bruh I will never eat hot Cheetos and cream cheese again. I got WAAAYYYY to stoned and threw it up at my friends house and ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor. Btw this is like the 3rd time I’ve watched this. I just keep binge watching y’all videos.

  • Jasmine Johnson

    Jasmine Johnson

     14 days ago

    Hot Cheetos and ranch and then my nana does blueberry in cottage cheese

  • Alondra Hernandez

    Alondra Hernandez

     14 days ago

    I love hot chettos with sour cream and bread with butter and sugar not powder sugar

  • Ikuma Brown

    Ikuma Brown

     14 days ago

    I need someone who looks at me the way kian looks at jc😭

  • Cari Williams

    Cari Williams

     1 months ago

    My om puts 🧀 on her 🍎🥧

  • putri besson

    putri besson

     1 months ago

    7:50 same kian

  • Amanda Beirute

    Amanda Beirute

     1 months ago

    Omg i just thought about how i love when JC sings and Kian said it

  • Grace Smither

    Grace Smither

     1 months ago

    I like JC but Kian a little too much

  • Bella Ruizvlogs

    Bella Ruizvlogs

     1 months ago

    When the fucking cherry burned hus hand😭

  • Lindsey Mercer

    Lindsey Mercer

     2 months ago

    Toast the bread put peanut butter on it and cheese