Camping Unprepared

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 10, 2018
  • Don't EVER go camping unprepared....I sucked....I didn't like it. Here are my stories *Dun dUUN* (like that one sound effect from that one show).

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  • Electroghoul


     2 hours ago

    Fuck that friend. He wasn't a friend in the first place. And fuck her too.

  • Electroghoul


     2 hours ago

    Make brain dead a hoodie.

  • Electroghoul


     2 hours ago

    Teehee = sexy time.

  • teh_scy


     3 hours ago

    this is how the australia wildfires started

  • Bts rap monster God of destruction

    Bts rap monster God of destruction

     4 hours ago

    Adam is a weman who vandalizes sweaters

  • Travis Nakahira

    Travis Nakahira

     10 hours ago

    In one of Adams videos he said some s*** went down in December, causing him to write a very salty message into his video. Is Janice or Karen form that video Cheerio.

  • Boiling Donuts

    Boiling Donuts

     11 hours ago

    0:03 Rick and Morty, Rift from Fortnite, and a little head? The freak

  • Akshat Gupta

    Akshat Gupta

     13 hours ago


  • Offbeat Hurdle

    Offbeat Hurdle

     16 hours ago

    Let’s call her.. cheating ho***


  • Eric Gamer

    Eric Gamer

     yesterday +1


  • Artsy panda

    Artsy panda


    I love camping

  • Maximus T

    Maximus T

     2 days ago

    I live in AZ Tucson and I go camping all the time in the cold and hot

  • Garen Edbrooke

    Garen Edbrooke

     2 days ago


  • FlamingNick 459

    FlamingNick 459

     2 days ago +2

    Is cheerio..... Jaiden OwO


  • MonsterLegendsGamer Martínez

    MonsterLegendsGamer Martínez

     2 days ago


  • MonsterLegendsGamer Martínez

    MonsterLegendsGamer Martínez

     2 days ago


  • Dorothy Taylor

    Dorothy Taylor

     2 days ago +2

    The girl's voice was Jaiden Animation's voice

  • Phillip Butler

    Phillip Butler

     2 days ago +1

    Also Adam you are not wrong about how hard camping is, when I was younger it was spring break my mom took us camping with some of her friends first day no problem just ate,swim and went to sleep, but on the second day we invaded by my worst enemy, mosquitoes and they were all biting me.then later we were having drumsticks on the grill but that day was raining from 5 all the way to 9 in the yeah I feel your pain.

  • Phillip Butler

    Phillip Butler

     2 days ago

    Hey Adam what you are talking in the beginning it may not be a box but it is a interdimensional demon feasting on kids.

  • ocean umphrey

    ocean umphrey

     3 days ago