dear ronnie2k...

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 27, 2019
  • I don't even know how we got here. An employee of a triple A publisher NBA 2K20 is spending his time on his streams actively lying on me... so let's address it...


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  • Alejandro


     2 days ago

    Ur gay cuh

  • Jeff Gensworth

    Jeff Gensworth

     6 days ago

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  • MxM Diamond

    MxM Diamond

     7 days ago +1

    Omm fuck Ronnie and his family wack ass nigga quit your job bitch or we’re coming for your fucking head and agent drop the roast video

  • Leo Johnson

    Leo Johnson

     7 days ago

    The game is nothing but a money hungry scam. Not playing 2k from here on out. Done with the series. See yah.

  • yoboyhowe91


     7 days ago

    Use my comment to punch Ronnie2🧢 in the mouth...👇🏾


  • Bonnny Yay

    Bonnny Yay

     7 days ago

    You probably Musty and lonely Everyday

  • Highschool Vlogs_

    Highschool Vlogs_

     7 days ago


  • / PH4NTOM

    / PH4NTOM

     14 days ago

    Ronnie 2k fix ur game!!!

  • Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith

     14 days ago

    Fuck Ronnie and 2k

  • Jacob Check

    Jacob Check

     14 days ago

    3:53 is this why chuck isnt in the game

  • The Real D-Lowe

    The Real D-Lowe

     14 days ago +1

    2K Community: This game trash

    Ronnie: Ight I'ma cap

  • Blessed Co. Productions

    Blessed Co. Productions

     14 days ago

    how tf can so many other games, like fucking Fortnite.. a FREE game have BETTER servers and little to no lag, and yet 2k, which is over $60 sucks ass

  • Awe Dee.0

    Awe Dee.0

     21 days ago

    the only time i buy 2k is when you say its good, cause you a real one, my guy 💯

  • John Bob

    John Bob

     21 days ago

    That boy drippin Making this video boyyyy

  • Phillip Beckman

    Phillip Beckman

     21 days ago

    The 2k servers are BROKEN.

  • PC Principal

    PC Principal

     21 days ago

    Ronnie nobody fuxk with you you a culture vulture you think you cool I'll gladly square up wit you

  • Alberto galeas

    Alberto galeas

     21 days ago

    Was there actually dump on the floor

  • Tarun Guhanand

    Tarun Guhanand

     21 days ago

    Hey man, if you ever stopped playing 2k and started talking on a different game, I'm sure your community would support you. Also, that VISA SHIT? FUUUCCCKKK RONNIE BRO. On that ALONE I wouldn't be playing this shit anymore or getting attention for that game AT ALL.

  • tgoat2345


     21 days ago

    Fam ronnie been a bitch since the ps4 n xb1 consoles n 2k14 hit my nigga. I snapped on his ass on twitter n now all my myplayers get nerfed or something. But hey when u a famous mark ass bitch u let that fam get to u like a high n u get full of urself. I voiced this every yr now yall slowly startin to see

  • Radu Dan

    Radu Dan

     21 days ago

    Stay real dude! You probably wont see this, but I appreciate this video to the fullest and it's really good that you put it out here just so people know what's up.
    It's a shame you, or anyone else for that matter, have to go through stuff like this, but what you did takes courage and integrity and this is all that matters at this point.
    Take care and keep on doing you!