9 Optical Illusions to Test How Good Your Brain Is

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 10, 2018
  • 9 optical illusions that will make you see things! Seeing is believing. Or is it really?
    Visual or optical illusions have tricked the minds of many generations throughout the centuries. Aristotle himself noticed that if you shift your stare from a moving waterfall to perfectly stable rocks, they will magically move, as well.
    Visual illusions are more than just fun for the audience; they can also help you find out if your brain is healthy. Bright Side has nine curiosities for you to stare at. Let us see how many of them you can figure out.
    We will tell what your results say about your mental health at the end of this video.

    Bicycle 1:06
    Café wall illusion 2:21
    A fair lady 4:00
    Upside down Steve Buscemi 4:55
    The impossible triangle 5:52
    Chessboard 7:07
    Boxes 8:00
    Rubik’s cube 8:38
    Amazing transformation 10:05

    When it comes to vision, your eyes are only one part of this complicated mechanism. They transmit information about the light they perceive to the brain through the optic nerve. The brain then does all the hard interpreting work. Because it gets lazy sometimes, or just too busy, it has worked out some processing shortcuts. It uses shadows, perspective, and color to correct the image it gets and decide what is what and how it works.
    The brain of a healthy person deceits itself. So if you can’t figure out how things are in all the illusions, it only proves the fact that you are a perfectly normal person.
    People who see what the deceit part of the illusion is and how it works immediately are either schizophrenics or geniuses. Their brain uses no shortcuts and doesn’t put all the details together to make things easier. People with schizophrenia cannot choose how and what they see. Genius minds can decide if they want to perceive the deceit, or not. Healthy normal people can also do it. Now that you know the secrets of quite a few illusions, you might start looking at things differently, as well.

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    Preview credit: Steve Buscemi Mandatory: By Gilbert Flores/Broadimage/EAST NEWS, https://www.eastnews.ru/pictures/picture/id/22107079/i/0/t/0
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  • Agent Z

    Agent Z

     7 hours ago

    Ahh my head hurts

  • Agent Z

    Agent Z

     7 hours ago

    The cafe wall was so weird I could tell they where parallel but my bran thought they weren’t 🤣

  • Yo Gurl Sam

    Yo Gurl Sam

     13 hours ago

    The last one was AMAZING.

  • Erica Esquivel

    Erica Esquivel

     13 hours ago

    i only got 3 right

  • Maureen Tuohy

    Maureen Tuohy


    Hay that last one was too close to the truth. The revelation of truth.

  • Sean C

    Sean C

     3 days ago

    An optical illusion to test your brain is something of an oxymoron; a fair bit of what you "see" is, in itself, actually an optical illusion that your brain creates on it's own. Most of it revolves around the fact that a human eye has a blind-spot opposite the region where the optic nerve connects, that covers an area roughly 7.5 degrees high and 5.5 degrees wide, and is present in both eyes. Most people have no idea this blind spot even exists because seeing it sort of requires tricking your eyes to counter-act the trick your brain is using to make the blind-spot vanish in the first place.

    At the end of the day vision is an extremely complex mechanism, and people don't truly realize just how much is happening to make it all work, nor just how far it can be pushed. Here's something you probably don't consider often; Look at a word on the screen, something large enough that you don't have to squint or anything. Now start shaking your head back and forth, but not too far. If your eyesight is decent you actually have to either move back/forth quite far or extremely fast to make it blur, but for the most part you'll be able to read that word properly without a lot of trouble even while shaking your head back and forth. The reason that's a bit crazy is because your entire visual system compensates for that motion automatically, so much so that you probably wouldn't ever even realize it without being told it's happening. It's a lot like reflexive breathing; you "know" it's happening but you never really notice it without having the subject brought up.

  • Rhiyano


     4 days ago

    well guess I'm schizophrenic thanks

  • Sparkle Girls

    Sparkle Girls

     4 days ago

    0:32 they won't move cuz when i pause they aren't moving

  • Carter Corrales

    Carter Corrales

     4 days ago

    I laughed out at no.2 cause the answer is already in the name of the illusion nice try Bright Side!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Bluekachu


     4 days ago

    Apparently I'm a genius...

  • Wallace Swetland

    Wallace Swetland

     6 days ago

    You got Hillary SPOT ON!; I thought she was going to turn into Satan.

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    don`t begg for a like cause I don`t like that and liked the vid accordingly!

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    Tyhler Novac

     6 days ago

    @ 5:45 Crazy Eyes from Mr. Deeds

  • Snowy Kat

    Snowy Kat

     7 days ago

    you just called me a schizophrenic or genius? ok. o wait no i am no genius

  • ashley collard

    ashley collard

     7 days ago

    the rotating woman in 3 can be seen to rotate either way, so the answer is wrong

  • Cody Dayton

    Cody Dayton

     7 days ago +1

    To easy

  • Claire Nora

    Claire Nora

     7 days ago

    My brain is not in good shape 🙃

  • celhpwns


     7 days ago

    So, I'm a genius? I Knew something was wrong with this world. People seem too predictable to me. In my opinion people just believe whatever its easier for them to believe in.

  • Dominic Vietti

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    So, I got them all right

  • Orion D. Hunter

    Orion D. Hunter

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    1:31 i wasn't tricked