Casually Explained: Absolute Hot

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 26, 2015
  • this is what happens when a few drinks in you think your joke is still funny and want to make the video and then the next morning you look at it and say "oh my god this is terrible I have to get rid of it" and then you do but with permanent damage to your self esteem and inconsequential internet presence.►If you'd like to support Casually Explained on Patreon, obviously completely optional!!
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  • DeadRomance548

     3 years ago

    I love how the whole video is just leading up to that one joke

  • Anwar Ullah

     13 days ago

    @Gauge OHHH

  • Benjamin Johnson

     1 months ago

    @Gideon Boyle that's no joke

  • Anthony Garcia

     3 years ago

    This whole video was a lead up to the best joke in the world

  • Brent Ralph Bautista

     a months ago

    @Zucc LOL

  • ActualPerson

     9 months ago

    Damn it. I shouldn't read anything before watching the video.

  • Jenexis

     3 years ago

    Hit the subscribe button so quickly, my finger generated enough kinetic energy to reheat a hotpocket.

  • Aqw aq

     5 days ago

    Omg grrls are not lowed to speak so smarty

  • Troll

     8 days ago

    *If it was anything like my microwave I’ll bet it edges are burnt crisp and the center of it is still frozen*

  • Sapphirewolf

     3 years ago

    that... that one caught me by surprise

  • \ \ Sweden \ \

     12 days ago

    I got murder on my mind

  • gotaminutereviews

     2 years ago

    Jack League me too, and I wasn't even eating one at the time.

  • Kyle Keogh

     3 years ago

    I love how these actually scale correctly, and if you were to use these correctly as actual units it would work.

  • Isaac Karjala

     1 months ago

    @Jake M. Umm... Rankin and Kelvin solve your first problem and then Fahrenheit and Celsius are just Rankin and Kelvin with offsets and that fixes your second problem. So what the hell is your problem.

  • Kyle Neese

     6 months ago

    Jake M. you went from “all” measures of temperatures are completely fabricated and none are then saying kelvin is universal. I’m glad someone learned something from all this

  • Scott McKenzie

     2 years ago

    That last joke was straight up fire.I'm sorry.

  • Hejxjcjdjdjcj Hdjfjfirjfjfjdjdjf

     1 years ago

    I️ don’t really understand the last joke. Could someone explain?

  • Abel Tadokera

     1 years ago

    theres the door--->🚪

  • Rode

     3 years ago

    I choked on a frosted mini wheat

  • SGpro 42:00

     1 months ago

    Connor Moore hey African children

  • The Real Mitsu

     1 months ago

    Tahirul bruh you are asking the real questions here, had me stumped at 8 in the morning.

  • Livingicecream

     2 years ago

    I lost it when he said "Hot Pocket Potential"

  • Xcaliber 600

     1 months ago

    The old HPP, gets em every time!

  • mako

     3 years ago

    i hope that one day, in millions of years, our planet is visited by extra terrestrials who wish to learn about the inhabitants of this world and they only thing that has survived the ages is a hard drive with your video's on it.

  • John Burgess

     2 years ago

    Hail, the Great Sacrificial Hot Pocket

  • Karthik Nair

     3 years ago

    I can't distinguish if what he says is true or just use funny shit 😂😂this guy is gonna make it big

  • Danksoda

     5 months ago

    lmao yeah

  • Nam Hoàng

     5 months ago

    Well, he made it big :))