R Kelly Proves some alleged victims are Liars with new facebook surviving lies

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 7, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/oKp2xRcm1zU


  • Duece Momm

    Duece Momm

     7 months ago +891

    Biggie was with Lil Kim at 14, Jayz was with foxy 15, rhiana16, tiarri marie15, Diddy first baby mama was 16 he was 24. they all talking shyt about R.kelly but not on themselves.

  • Keisha Love

    Keisha Love

     7 months ago +79

    He must of stop giving his $$ away.

  • M Henderson

    M Henderson

     7 months ago +452

    I do believe R Kelly do want young girls. But I do believe those girls wants to be there and would do whatever he wants them to do. It’s about the money not justice because they should be in a court room not on TV.

  • cmrjc74


     7 months ago +291

    The adult women should not be calling him a predator when he approached them like a grown man and they accepted going with him like grown women.

  • Nomad Sista’

    Nomad Sista’

     7 months ago +131

    It was a relationship with a couple of them then he moved them in the house. They were not chained down they fell in love then he moved them in

  • Todd Levy

    Todd Levy

     7 months ago +358

    She kinda favors Bobbi Kristina

  • Mimi M.B.

    Mimi M.B.

     7 months ago +10

    I def didn't feel sorry for Jerhonda chick, because she went to his trial knowing what he was in trouble for and still went to his house with a bathing suit like he asked and did everything after that and said "I did it because this is R. Kelly, I can't say no to R. Kelly". So she can go to hell with her sob story. And a lot of these other girls are deciding to stay with him, and they wonder why nobody but one person has come forth for their investigation. Cause these women DONT wanna leave. They are not being held against their will.

  • Big Sis Lol Sis

    Big Sis Lol Sis

     7 months ago +357

    I remember when the media convinced us Michael Jackson slept with little boys too. And at the end we all felt bad for believing it after the "victims" told us their parents told them to lie. So allow him to prove himself innocent. Smh. I swear us black people be quick to feed into the lies the media feed us. Yes he dealt with Aaliyah but you guys are nailing ONE person to the cross & giving the others a pass. Gtfoh

  • TheGirlNextDoor 1

    TheGirlNextDoor 1

     7 months ago +125

    They all are liars. Especially jehronda and Drea. Jehronda went to his trial everyday bating herself to be with him. The DJ girl Kitty had a whole career and left to be with him. They had free will so what is he guilty of?

  • Golden EmpreSS

    Golden EmpreSS

     7 months ago +39

    Asante was at the end, walking thru one of the houses they stayed in, but she was being real EXTRA!

  • Tiffany Lewis

    Tiffany Lewis

     7 months ago +16

    RKelly probably replaced her and she got mad

  • KingParisBuckingham


     7 months ago +11

    Lifetime paid em to lie

  • The Last Dragon

    The Last Dragon

     7 months ago +242

    you got 33 and 35 year olds trying to play victims too, miss me with that shyt, chicks lying about thier age hanging at trials, 19yrs old didn't trip until she found out she had herpes from her having unprotected sex, two he meet at 17 wanted to be famous singers and in relationships with him, the 14yr old and aliyah was crimes but the family was on the take, when does a women or family have personal accountability

  • Jeffrey BurgessSr.

    Jeffrey BurgessSr.

     7 months ago +102

    Extortion is Whats happening

  • Carla Pendergrast

    Carla Pendergrast

     6 months ago +28

    Arrest all the SUGAR DADDIES THEN.

  • NaeNae Thomas

    NaeNae Thomas

     7 months ago +47

    Yea I wana know more abt Dominique the way he had her dressing I know sum weird stuff was going on

  • Shanta W

    Shanta W

     7 months ago +84

    I believe that the Savages have some shit with them. 2 years ago they came and bought a Mercedes from me and when I saw them on TV saying their daughter was being held captive I was giving it the side eye. Also, one of the main reasons why I believe they are full of it and why I remember them so vividly is because we thought the deal was a fraud deal and it ultimately wasn’t. Also Lisa Van Allen I went on her IG page yesterday and damn near every post is about R Kelly she says she was in a 9 year relationship with him but on the show she made it seem like it was over when she realized she was having 3somes with a 14 y/o. R Kelly is a sexual deviant but so are most of the broads that have been with him sorry not sorry

  • Erica Jenkins

    Erica Jenkins

     7 months ago +33

    Has anyone ever told you that you favor Bobbi Kristina

  • Iamtutucute


     7 months ago +71

    R Kelly did not text all that he cant read or write allegedly 👀

  • SB92


     7 months ago +218

    Ummm I don’t think we need “humor” added to this situation....