💕Three brothers, one sister / Gacha Studio quadruplet Story (mini movie)

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 23, 2018
  • Hi and welcome to my first ever Gacha Studio mini movie/film! SPOILER: This is kind of a quadruplet bully Story tbh but the ending is nice.

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    Love, Nadira.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/oLw3UIxsM24


  • Nejla Jonuzi

    Nejla Jonuzi

     3 hours ago

    Welp, thats life! 💙

  • Pastel Panda Bear

    Pastel Panda Bear

     18 hours ago

    I also have 3 brothers and am the only girl.

  • Nerdy Crafter

    Nerdy Crafter

     21 hours ago

    Wait... 6:26 : Joe married Evi... 6:36 : Kendal has a girlfriend... EVI!

  • fnaf girl five nights at Freddy's

    fnaf girl five nights at Freddy's

     21 hours ago

    I'm Elisa ......T^T .......help meh

  • Animal Lover

    Animal Lover


    Plz pin me I also have 3 brothers and they are sooooooooo annoying!

  • Sally Sail

    Sally Sail


    *"BaBe OuR BaBy iS sO cUtE!111!!!!11"*
    why did i laugh at that

  • Cheong Chuen Lam

    Cheong Chuen Lam

     2 days ago

    What’s da songs

  • naomimaldo26.lockportcity Maldonado

    naomimaldo26.lockportcity Maldonado

     2 days ago

    When I see a penny *Kendal an Evi do their bootiful dance* AYYYYYYGY A PEEEEENNNNNNNNY IM RIIIIIIIICH!!!!!

  • Levi van Miltenburg

    Levi van Miltenburg

     2 days ago

    My name is levi

  • Sara Wiggins

    Sara Wiggins

     2 days ago +1

    My bro is name joe 😏

  • Unicorn Lime

    Unicorn Lime

     2 days ago

    Wait is Evi cheating on kendal and Joey because its the same person

  • Luna The Gatcha Wolfy

    Luna The Gatcha Wolfy

     2 days ago

    Why does the teacher look like me irl? XD *dies* also they threw you in the water GETTEM GURL XD

  • Løser•_•ninja _Fang

    Løser•_•ninja _Fang

     2 days ago

    Oh I thought that Marc was going to be gay but not

  • gamer Sire

    gamer Sire

     2 days ago +1

    Kendall's girl friend is evi the same one his other brother had?!?! Or was it a mistake?!?

  • Naimah Khanom

    Naimah Khanom

     2 days ago

    Random person you may miss the bride. Pretty hahahaha by hi😅😅😅😅😅

  • Byby Dejau

    Byby Dejau

     3 days ago

    2:57, *3rd* ma'm you need to learn some spelling.

  • mydniteRAGE


     3 days ago

    I have one brother and three sisters im the third girl

  • Galaxy - Gachaverse

    Galaxy - Gachaverse

     3 days ago

    3th. Grade

  • Faze Trash can

    Faze Trash can

     3 days ago

    Did u get 21 from da ONLY 1 MEME?!?!?? But srslly 9+10 is 21 JK XD

  • Jariz Sarac

    Jariz Sarac

     3 days ago

    Joe and Evi? And Kendal and Evi?