5 Theories About The Universe That Will Blow Your Mind

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 17, 2018
  • 5 theorist about the universe that will blow your mind. We take a look at these 5 theories about the universe that will bow your mind.

    Advancements in quantum mechanical theories and new technologies that allow us to better perceive our universe and understand the answers to questions we never believed possible to answer seem to be developing every single day as research scientists work to provide us with new insights and revelations to our universe that break the boundaries of what we ever thought was possible.

    From these findings will often spawn new theories and enlightenment's that will cause even the most stoic of people the need to sit back and collect their thoughts in order to come to terms with theories that are so mind blowing, they are often groundbreaking in their own right. So today, we will be visiting 5 theories about our very own universe that will absolutely blow your mind.

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  • Dani Dvora

    Dani Dvora

     an hour ago +1

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  • David Hill

    David Hill

     4 hours ago

    Wise Thursday ism? Could it just be last night ism?

  • K3chocolate


     5 hours ago

    Love the video and the music!!

  • Michael Crider

    Michael Crider

     6 hours ago

    Every instance of government, religion, military structure in the world is in place to keep you as an individual from doing any thing you want with no consequences. That sounds repressive, but with out even minimal control your life would literally be like the movie The Purge every day. Fear of repercussions from the living population or divine judgment in an afterlife is honestly the only real thing holding society together. It has allowed us to advance as a species, making an individual responsible for their own actions has allowed us to have normalcies we’ve come to recognize as a normal life. If there were no punishment or reward for actions then any advancement towards any goal up to and including survival would be a solely individual exercise. In other words, “fire bad” “food good”. The question is if man is an evolving species when was it understood that leadership and crime and punishment would have to exist in order to have more than even 2 people in a group. Also how long before those who did understand, began to abuse this system for personal goals.

  • Preston Shinall

    Preston Shinall

     8 hours ago

    I watched Friday the 13th last Thursday. That was really weird

  • Dani Dvora

    Dani Dvora

     8 hours ago +1

    Dani Dvora
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  • Chris Dooley

    Chris Dooley

     9 hours ago

    So I’m reduced to being a disabled guy in a wheelchair in some bastard’s Sims program? Shit I’m going to be pissed. Could’ve made me like Neo or Morpheus at least, insensitive alien pricks lol

  • Matt Heckenlively

    Matt Heckenlively

     21 hours ago

    Relax... It's just a ride.

  • Cameron Govindasamy

    Cameron Govindasamy

     23 hours ago

    So if we're a universe created from another universe, who / what created that original universe???!!!

  • William Sheehan

    William Sheehan


    It’s really strange that they say about a multiverses where their is a multiverses for decision outcome because I really have had that thought in my head for years. It’s good to know that I’m not alone

  • Digital Life Enhancement

    Digital Life Enhancement


    for the last thursdayism - might be shorter than you think... how long can a human being stay awake without any need of rest... when you have the maximum time without death or insanity occuring... you got the exact maximum age of the universe!

  • Mukund prabhu

    Mukund prabhu


    Imagine we all are in the afterlife .....and we died just before we were born into this world...(afterlife universe?)

  • theodore roberts

    theodore roberts


    I would go with #2, with the inclusion that just like a soda (pop), we are no more than a type of bubble within that soda. We cannot ever see beyond the wall of it, while at the same time, we are rising within the fluid as a bubble would in a carbonated drink. Everything we will ever know, for sure, is only an illusion constructed by our minds, with the limited information we can gather. That is only one thought about the matter, which could also be wrong.
    We could also be at the transition point between black and white holes, e.g. the big bang.

  • Alex Vandross

    Alex Vandross

     2 days ago +1

    Last Thursdayism is akin to irrationally yet logically arguing against rational logic.

  • Maurice Singleton

    Maurice Singleton

     2 days ago

    Last Thursdayisum 💯💯💯

  • fuckgeorge


     2 days ago


  • negasi girmay

    negasi girmay

     2 days ago

    Sounds a lot like a GOD to me. Think about it.Is this all a test? Is good light and evil dark ? Sounds crazy but everything can get taken away from you beside your faith.(something to think about ) 😇🤓

  • Joey Robles

    Joey Robles

     2 days ago

    If any NASA scientists are reading this I am fully ready to jump in a craft and be sent to the black hole, i will give myself to find out what the facts are you just gotta figure out how to get the information back to earth

  • Geoffrey Swan

    Geoffrey Swan

     2 days ago

    more mumbo jumbo gibberish from a pretty confused narrator and the sad thing is some people might consider it to be sciencetific possibility .and be more confused still.

  • MysterEon


     2 days ago

    Stoic -- stow ick .. not stoyic. . Dude??