R. Kelly: Alleged Victim Speaks Out | TMZ Live

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 19, 2017
  • We spoke to Joycelyn Savage, the 21-year-old whose father, mother and sister held a news conference Monday to accuse Kelly of essentially making Joycelyn and other women his sex slaves -- but she claims she's exactly where she wants to be.

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    R. Kelly: Alleged Victim Speaks Out | TMZ Live
  • Source: https://youtu.be/oPB-ju8Wwyc


  • G G

    G G

     4 days ago

    You can see the shadow of someone waving "noo" for her not to answer on her shirt.

  • candice meyers

    candice meyers

     4 days ago

    Is he out of jail?

  • candice meyers

    candice meyers

     4 days ago


  • Keith Townsend

    Keith Townsend

     7 days ago

    Kelly just tell her to go see your family WTF I wouldn't want the drama if nothing is wrong on my behalf

  • Bernice Odarkor Kankam

    Bernice Odarkor Kankam

     7 days ago

    Im now paying attention to the hand shadow people talked about. Wow

  • sunshine Stevenson

    sunshine Stevenson

     14 days ago

    Doesn't make sense!! This man is being framed..All these young ass thots out here..He wouldn't half to force anyone

  • Marion Greene

    Marion Greene

     21 days ago

    Leave him alone

  • Vanessa P

    Vanessa P

     a months ago

    Did anyone see the shadow on her chest when she was asked if she could be with friends? You can clearly see someone giving her the cut throat signal to say no. Never liked R.Kelly to begin with and that’ll never change.



     a months ago

    She so brainwash

  • Alex Serret

    Alex Serret

     a months ago

    Guys as soon as he asked are you with roommates look at her sweater Right Center Mass over chest look at the shadow the cut gesture with the hands shadow cut cut gesture with the hands please comment on this

  • Emmanuette Thomas

    Emmanuette Thomas

     a months ago

    How you going to commit somebody that don't have no damn money are they really doing this for money or what the money ain't got no more money are the victims, we just leave it alone going on with your life lead them grown and girls alone didn't let them bump their own damn head and they will figure out what day need to do with their damn selves is not your decision to keep this s*** going on cuz I'm girls are grown now they got their own damn mind

  • Emmanuette Thomas

    Emmanuette Thomas

     a months ago

    If he got all these girls brain wash whoever these girls are but I don't see number two girls and a few little girls speaking out all on him where are the rest of them where the other girls at

  • Emmanuette Thomas

    Emmanuette Thomas

     a months ago

    I'ma say this again you don't know what him and Aaliyah was talkin about for them to get married you don't know we would never know just like these girls we don't know what arethey communicate to Kelly about we don't know we would never know hey I feel the same way you think will know my location for I got away from your ass mama and daddy

  • muzima joy

    muzima joy

     a months ago

    Please note Joselyn's interviews.. She keeps saying the same thing.. It's like she's sticking to a script..
    Her body language is telling everything

  • Markesha Bradford

    Markesha Bradford

     2 months ago

    Is it me or someone coaching her in the background like she really speaking with a fearful voice

  • NV1 Higgins

    NV1 Higgins

     2 months ago +1

    You can see the shadows motioning to her what to say. Someone else or people in the room....probably R.

  • Chillo Stubbs

    Chillo Stubbs

     2 months ago


  • Germaine Ranglin

    Germaine Ranglin

     2 months ago

    That blonde i soooo hot

  • Willis Johnson

    Willis Johnson

     2 months ago

    Now this is a video soon after R. Kelly was arrested, people look at your comments.
    Some say that they're being coached, held against their will HELL even the mom and mostly dad talking that same noise, But now that they are out in society not held Hostage (so you say) and they are defending R. Kelly people say that they are brainwashed!
    A Broad Mind Can't Be Patient For More information to develop, it must swiftly pass Judgement.
    That's Not Good.
    And Yes he was dead wrong about he did to Aaliyah.

  • Tonya Richellé

    Tonya Richellé

     2 months ago

    If she wants that beady eyed, funny lookin, grey dick niggah, then let her be!!!