AEW Vs WWE: Head To Head

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 8, 2019
  • A balanced take on this new wrestling war. We put WWE and AEW head to head to see who comes out on top.

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  • sensational dingo

    sensational dingo

     6 days ago

    WWE has the more talented roster

    they are just not being used correctly

  • black goku

    black goku

     7 days ago

    Plus aew isnt on tv yet

  • black goku

    black goku

     7 days ago

    U can tell he only favored aew but ion care wrestling is wrestling

  • Josh Playz

    Josh Playz

     14 days ago

    Mark my words, "AEW Will never be like WWF/WWE".

  • Nawaf Alharbi

    Nawaf Alharbi

     21 days ago

    Wwe and nxt vs aew Of course wwe and nxt thier making gold wwe and nxt these especially nxt are the real deal

  • Gannev Howland

    Gannev Howland

     21 days ago

    Um,aew has several great themes.Jericho,Omega,Adam Page,Lucha Bros,MJF,Shawn Spears,Cody,Young Bucks,etc.

  • Gannev Howland

    Gannev Howland

     21 days ago +1

    That comment on nxt not competing with aew did not age to great😁

  • adam cole

    adam cole

     21 days ago

    aew rules

  • WrestlingRevolutionCookie 333

    WrestlingRevolutionCookie 333

     21 days ago

    WWE VS AEW is this the new Pwedipie vs t series or the first Punic war

  • Rockafire


     21 days ago +1


    For wwe regrets only.......

  • Raymond Rodriguez

    Raymond Rodriguez

     28 days ago

    I don't know aew poke the bear a little too hard wwe

  • Stephen Buswell

    Stephen Buswell

     1 months ago

    A week later and its NXT vs AEW 💥

  • FatKuwaitiMan 94

    FatKuwaitiMan 94

     1 months ago +1

    Could WWE ended like WCW?


  • Akshay Rathod

    Akshay Rathod

     1 months ago +1

    AEW not like wrestlemania

  • Sacrilege83


     1 months ago

    Too many Adams, thumbs down.

  • Adam Porter

    Adam Porter

     1 months ago

    You know something is wrong if the kids nowadays don't want to see Shane McMahon! He had some good matches!

  • Clement


     1 months ago

    Real Wrestling Fans : - I agree with that
    - I disagree with that do the good discussion
    Fake Wrestling Fans : iT sUpPosE tO bE 0 - 9 , bEcAuSe aEw bEtTeR tHaN eVeRyThInG. aEw bEtTeR tHaN mArVeL, dC, aNyThInG iN tHiS uNiVeRsE

  • Style Bender

    Style Bender

     1 months ago

    Wwe: Has all The talent in The World but nobody is over or entertaining.
    AEW: Has some talent but lets everyone shine, builds them up and gets them over.

    Thats the difference

  • ermini0 0ttone

    ermini0 0ttone

     1 months ago

    .....😓 but AEW don't starts his shows 😓...

  • Homie Homz

    Homie Homz

     1 months ago

    We need to see how AEW does once they start there TV program can't just compare them yet. Thumbs down til then