Savage 1000hp Turbo Four Rotor RX-7 Sounds Like an Angry F1 Car

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 27, 2019
  • We first spotted David Mazzei's 4 rotor turbo RX-7 at SEMA last year during our 1 hour special, and... well actually that's a lie. We saw it on the Internet first. BUT then we saw it in real life, and absolutely knew that a Burnyard session was in store. And you'd think that just having four rotors and a big 'ol turbo hanging off of them would be enough to get some insane sounds, but no - David went the extra mile to make sure this thing sounds as close to a 787B as possible. And whatever magic that David threw at this thing, it works... and it works well.

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  • Hoonigan Daily Transmission

    Hoonigan Daily Transmission

     2 months ago +924

    A 4 rotor turbo FD Rx7 is just about the pinnacle of JDM dream cars, and we got him to rip it too! What would you guys like to see next on Daily Transmission?

  • Greywolfwarrior


     5 hours ago

    Waah that's Sickness 🤟🤙

  • chiliodimaffio


     14 hours ago

    That motor is the same size as the engine

  • John Ruud

    John Ruud

     17 hours ago

    I got a boner watching this

  • Go Young

    Go Young

     20 hours ago

    this video and sounds make me feel want to masturbate... am i getting crazy ?..

  • Paul's Pepper & Sauce Reviews

    Paul's Pepper & Sauce Reviews


    Yes i seen on dyno. Its mad

  • さちぐもめ




  • Mega Muww

    Mega Muww


    Hear that? Custom Rotary crankshaft FROM NEW ZEALAND, yeah ya'll sleeping on New Zealand's JDM goodies, I'm tellin ya.

  • Rizky Octayudha

    Rizky Octayudha


    "Apex seal wants to know your location"

  • Deno Junior

    Deno Junior


    "custom crank shaft from new Zealand" never heard that before leshhgoooo

  • Roland's Recycling

    Roland's Recycling

     2 days ago

    "But it's not billet"
    -Rob Dahm

  • Aaron Thompson

    Aaron Thompson

     2 days ago

    Sick as fuck makes my 81 cutlass broughtham seem like a pussy haha

  • Patrick Draper

    Patrick Draper

     2 days ago

    I just came

  • Adam Miller

    Adam Miller

     2 days ago

    Of all the cars that's a bad ass ride. I love the small little things that most people would over look. Beautiful car dude

  • Guten Tag

    Guten Tag

     2 days ago

    That's the biggest turbo I've ever seen

  • Law Enforcement is Legal Plunder

    Law Enforcement is Legal Plunder

     3 days ago

    That thing scares me. So rad.

  • Your Tube

    Your Tube

     3 days ago

    Some people say hes still trying to get the car to drive in a straight line to this day.

  • Mrmorrisniceguy98


     3 days ago

    This is like a casting couch…
    But for Cars…

  • Loy Sharma

    Loy Sharma

     3 days ago

    The plates says it's a "26B" !!!!

  • Timo mit Hut

    Timo mit Hut

     3 days ago

    Wastegate pipes out of the bonnet
    Exhaust goes through the fender
    Turbo stick out the hood
    ...sorry but you failed on this :D