I Bought the Cheapest Rolls Royce Phantom in the USA

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/ohpAiZ27yj0


  • Kurt Emerson

    Kurt Emerson

     19 hours ago

    Dam I'm actually lol. That "peasant" was priceless.

  • Bansheisthebest Car

    Bansheisthebest Car


    Coool I lover your tools rice

  • Andi Stephen

    Andi Stephen

     2 days ago

    Rudi is a fucking disgrace to luxuary car salesmen! He looks like some banal cow chewing cud (grass). What is disgusting excuse for an employee of the brand!!

  • Mike Mike

    Mike Mike

     5 days ago

    where's the grey paupon?

  • 5000 subs with no videos ???

    5000 subs with no videos ???

     7 days ago

    I bought a new rolls Royce dawn

  • Freddy_Fazbear989 :3

    Freddy_Fazbear989 :3

     7 days ago +1

    15:51 not a bad looking Grand Vitara in the background!!

  • Slami


     9 days ago

    you look like you're sitting on the toilet 4:25 LOL why did not you put the seat down?

  • David Beckley

    David Beckley

     9 days ago

    Now, as a viewer, I feel somewhat responsible for you being financially able to enter into such a questionable situation. Of course, I'm speaking from the position of someone who purchases vehicles that can be totally replaced, part by part, from the local Pep Boys Auto Parts store, except for the hood ornament, if the vehicle actually had one. It appears that you have the ability to do some repairs yourself which can save you some money but I would expect the Rolls Royce would have some method of determining when the owner was actually making a repair, unheard of in ultra-expensive luxury cars, and sounds an alarm and sends a text message back to the Rolls factory where everyone gets quite a giggle just before they push a button that activates a relay that causes the engine to drop out. I have moved so far away from making almost any repair on today's cars or even 2005 cars so when I was dwelling on maybe creating a Youtube page I had people tell me that demonstrating how to clean the windshield and put air in the tires probably wouldn't be a big draw. I would hesitate to go beyond that so I'll live my auto repair dream vicariously through your mistakes. It is an entertaining channel.

  • patrick jutras

    patrick jutras

     9 days ago


  • JustinTekkit


     9 days ago

    4:12 LOL

  • timothy chung

    timothy chung

     9 days ago

    I'm total dumbfounded with this attitude. You may spend 80k for the car you know you can't afford, so wait until you have to get it fixed. That is when you realize it was not a bargain at all.

  • irish Lenihan

    irish Lenihan

     10 days ago

    Does it come with stripper panties stuck down the back seat..

  • E. M. Torres

    E. M. Torres

     10 days ago

    you are so hot., to make the payment easier , use it as limo driving,

  • fatboi


     10 days ago

    omg just the talking and talking and talking...

  • Green Leaf

    Green Leaf

     10 days ago

    Hoovie why do you always buy cars those are either broken or about to be broke , I wonder !! Never mind 😝

  • Rafael Berdecia

    Rafael Berdecia

     10 days ago

    I live in Chicago

  • sonyboat


     10 days ago

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the nautique at 2:05?

  • Eddie Fizzio

    Eddie Fizzio

     11 days ago

    Hoov pass it to Dog DeMuro for a review,he probally buy from you too,lol

  • 0nesh0t0311


     11 days ago

    Oh man, they jipped you out of the umbrella in the back door.

  • FinT


     11 days ago

    you could buy a new s class