Why Carmelo Anthony Is NOT In The NBA

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 26, 2019
  • Why Carmelo Anthony Is NOT In The NBA

    What's good everybody, Tris is on the mic today. In this video, I discuss the seemingly concluded career of Carmelo Anthony. Currently, Melo is a free agent and no playoff NBA team decided to pick him up for their playoff run. So, I dug into his past and tried to figure out where it all went wrong for the former scoring champ.

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  • thanos 7

    thanos 7

     7 months ago +365

    "But we all know melo looks like mj on steroids in workout videos" 😂😂

  • KhmerD0g


     2 months ago

    Fuck Melo and AI. They both want to be stars even then they are getting old for basketball. The league will not have those type of people.

  • Pregnant Sausage

    Pregnant Sausage

     3 months ago

    Just jump to 9:34

  • Don’t 4T Me Blog

    Don’t 4T Me Blog

     4 months ago

    This was great and proves every point I make about melo. I’m a huge Knick fans I’ve watched more of him than most. On the Knicks he was never consistent and shot us out of several games. He has a low basketball IQ and only wants to win if he’s the hero. We were the worst team in the league for years yet he seemed completely content with losing. He never recruited in the offseason, never came in better shape, never adjusted his game. He deserves to be treated like he is now. Most of his fans haven’t watched him play in years. There’s a reason why nobody wants him and it’s not just hate or him being blackballed. He is not a great player for team basketball. That simple. He can go to big 3 or some rec league. But for any serious team trying to rebuild or compete for a title he is useless and counter productive.

  • Ghetto Law School

    Ghetto Law School

     4 months ago +1

    Come on..he still good

  • Sina Tabatabai

    Sina Tabatabai

     4 months ago +1

    Its sound more like those teams managment and didn't have the right players around him.

  • feelred


     4 months ago

    Dude sounds like the dude from AP Bio

  • Rainbow Six

    Rainbow Six

     4 months ago

    Dude. This video and the narrator are stupid.

  • Sinister-edits


     4 months ago


  • Airon Jyirod

    Airon Jyirod

     4 months ago

    Melo always got better with time but his body isn't what it once was and yes outside of scoring with the physical limitations intact he's not that valuable but that's still a top ten scorer all time in NBA history , hell always be able to average at least 12.

  • ebn128


     4 months ago

    Does anybody know the name of the instrumental that’s playing in the background from 0:11 ?

  • Doc b

    Doc b

     4 months ago

    Sorry but the Janitor analogy was dumb as fuck

  • William Beeks

    William Beeks

     4 months ago

    Not gonna lie. I thought Greg Anthony was Carmelo’s dad and Cole was his little brother 😂😂💀

  • Adam Adam

    Adam Adam

     4 months ago +1

    you the real carmelo anthony ?

  • Angry Crimson

    Angry Crimson

     5 months ago +1

    Get this man a hoodie

  • sendo Gonzales

    sendo Gonzales

     5 months ago

    Melo was never really that great of a player and I honestly feel that the reason why everyone thinks that he is so great is because he won that national championship at Syracuse and that kind of blinded people's judgement to how great he was.

  • Diana Baskin

    Diana Baskin

     5 months ago

    Too long. I just wanted to know where his is and what happened, not his life story.

  • Elooong Musk

    Elooong Musk

     5 months ago +1

    But to understand this we first need to stretch the video to 10 minutes.

  • Jared Tan

    Jared Tan

     5 months ago

    why did we need to know about his young age when we are talking about his downfall? stop stretching the video

  • Third World Problem

    Third World Problem

     5 months ago

    Learn a lesson, don't be Carmelo unless you want cancer.😂😂