The 10 Most Evil Children In History

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 13, 2017
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  • Connie Schaffer

    Connie Schaffer

     10 hours ago

    FLOURIDE in the water or evil spawn?

  • brooke resendes

    brooke resendes

     11 hours ago

    poisoned tea? reminds me of the landlady by roald dahl

  • Ellie is Done

    Ellie is Done

     12 hours ago

    11. The kid that decided to play fortnite instead of Minecraft.

  • Arthur Fleck

    Arthur Fleck

     18 hours ago

    F** yr face is irritating dude @matthew eyes go left-right, left-right...then right-left, right-left. Good Clip though!

  • Romans 8:11

    Romans 8:11

     yesterday +1

    His name was James BULGER. BULGER. Pronounced Bull-jer Not Bugler. Please. At least get it right!!

  • Stephanie Brannon

    Stephanie Brannon


    👀those eyes lol

  • Eleanor WIlliams

    Eleanor WIlliams


    Okay really good video but the music needs to be dialled back a bit very distracting

  • Marnie Kilbourne

    Marnie Kilbourne

     2 days ago

    You screwed up the dates on Jesse Pomeroy. You meant 18..

  • VAR-star 123

    VAR-star 123

     2 days ago

    your face is so scary it should be illegal

  • Anna honestyiskey

    Anna honestyiskey

     2 days ago

    Wow ... I live in Newcastle 5 minutes away from scotswood havnt even heard of that story

  • Ken Masters

    Ken Masters

     2 days ago

    There will always be a real-life Michael Myers roaming around

  • ILHS !

    ILHS !

     3 days ago

    God damn white people 🤣🤣

  • joyce suggs

    joyce suggs

     3 days ago

    Those were sure most evil.

  • Summer Nulty

    Summer Nulty

     3 days ago +1

    i live 20 minutes away from bootle

  • Lauren Ski

    Lauren Ski

     3 days ago

    Kemper killed his grandmother because he claimed she was abusive. He loved his grandfather and said he didn't want him to hurt after losing his wife.

  • Ammonia


     3 days ago

    Not surprised the Indian one. Surprised they didn't give him a medal the way they praise men who rape and kill women I mean he did kill a girl so no biggy he most likely thought

  • The Epic Lionny

    The Epic Lionny

     3 days ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue I'm not in full screen and neither are you

  • Jan Kristian Paulin

    Jan Kristian Paulin

     4 days ago

    every time i watch your videos, i get thirsty. LOL.... how can you talk that continuously, as if you are reading something without punctuation? a fan of your videos though.

  • BigElectricCat


     4 days ago

    One of the few who know when to use "number" rather than "amount". SUBSCRIBED!

  • BigElectricCat


     4 days ago

    A Young Poisoner's Handbook is a great movie about Graham.