6ix9ine Compares Himself To XXXTentacion After Being Kidnapped | Hollywoodlife

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 23, 2018
  • Tekashi69 6ix9ine was hospitalized after being kidnapped and robbed and we have exclusive details. Plus - Tekashi69 drops FeFe with Nicki Minaj#6ix9ine #tekashi69 The rap community received some incredulous news on July 22 when it was first reported that Tekashi69 – real name Daniel Hernandez and also also known as 6ix9ine – wound up in a hospital after being kidnapped and robbed in the early morning hours of the day. When his baby mama Sara found out about the devastating situation, she was understandably worried. “Sara is truly terrified that something terrible is going to happen to Daniel,” a source close to Sara tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “He’s beefing with so many people now that it feels like it can only end badly.”Read More: https://hollywoodlife.com/2018/07/22/...Starring Ali Stagnitta @AlistagnittaProduced by Lisa Braun @braunlaMusic & Photos provided by ShutterstockFootage provided by Celebrity Footagehttp://hollywoodlife.comCONNECT WITH HOLLYWOODLIFEWeb: http://hollywoodlife.comFacebook: http://bit.ly/HollywoodLifeFBTwitter: http://bit.ly/HollywoodLifeTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/HollywoodLifeInstagramPinterest: http://bit.ly/HollywoodLifePinterest Newsletter: http://bit.ly/HollywoodLifeNewslettersABOUT HOLLYWOODLIFE We bring you the latest celebrity news about Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Kardashians, and much more, every day.6ix9ine Compares Himself To XXXTentacion After Being Kidnapped | Hollywoodlifehttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2rJ...
  • Source: https://youtu.be/op4ifNRUmHs


  • Houssa Diallo

    Houssa Diallo

     a years ago +1075

    They probably thought he was a crayon and needed to use it for a coloring book

  • Sunflower Suga

    Sunflower Suga

     a years ago +197

    6ix9ine was robbed of something he can replace, X on the other hand, was robbed from is life which is not replaceable. 6ix9ine is lucky he wasn't robbed from his life. RIP X 😭

  • Calix


     a years ago +956

    The gunman retreated because 6ix9ine is the fastest man alive

  • Kiran Byrdsong

    Kiran Byrdsong

     a years ago +588

    Tekashi u no where near xxxtentacion skill he's legendary. He didn't rap to get money nor flex his money ecerything he did was for us



     a years ago +844

    That's not cool you got robbed and beat up not killed.#RipXXX

  • Big Breezyo

    Big Breezyo

     a years ago +146

    He's nothing compared to X

  • bad vibes

    bad vibes

     a years ago +961

    X is a legend 6ix9ine is a clown

  • Prince X

    Prince X

     a years ago +22

    You are not even close to x's legucy,x will always be remembered as legend."even I think he is better then 2pac." himself#ripx#longlivex

  • indika blu

    indika blu

     a years ago +161

    He sure knows how to get everyone to hate him.

  • Itz Jenny

    Itz Jenny

     a years ago +74

    Don't compare 6ix9ine with XXX.

  • kaylaawayla _

    kaylaawayla _

     a years ago +57

    I wish people would stop comparing x to them I mean like he’s gone let him rest damn🤦‍♀️

  • Jcougarsss 23

    Jcougarsss 23

     a years ago +20

    I don't why people hate, xxxtentacion talks about not hating and spread peace and love but after his death it hasn't been peace and love there is a chance 69 will die because everybody hates and just wants to kill, hate doesn't drive out hate, only love and peace drive out hate,this is not a joke,y'all can call me stupid and stuff all you want but this is a warning from the world and the hatred



     11 months ago +5

    They probably thought 6ix9ine was a colorful crayon and took it home for their daughter

  • Jklover26_ rockstar26

    Jklover26_ rockstar26

     a years ago +630

    This channel is literally my virtual magazine

  • Bevy


     a years ago +37

    He need to stop he will never be compared to x he is a artist a singer some one when they died I felt pain and 69 I feel none of those things and he didn't die like x did so he can't compare him to x and 69 was mad when he got robbed I can see why he was mad but don't compare your self to x because he is gone and your still here and x can't be mad that they robbed him because they also killed him unlike you so don't even compare your self to x may he rest in peace ☝🙏

  • 704 Automotive

    704 Automotive

     a years ago +5

    Hollywood fix is lying here. Six nine never compared himself to X he simply said he’s grateful him and his family are safe because it could have been worse for instance if he got shot and killed.

  • Hi my name is Ligm a

    Hi my name is Ligm a

     a years ago +3

    I like 6ix9ine but don’t compare him to X is a worldwide LEGEND

  • DanielFN's backup incase he gets muted

    DanielFN's backup incase he gets muted

     a years ago +1

    Im Tekashi Allen, and Im The Fastest Man Alive...
    Flash Theme Music Plays

  • ImPr1mal


     a years ago +9

    6ix900k cash stolen...

  • Big Chungus

    Big Chungus

     10 months ago +1

    X is, was, and always will be a legend.
    This rainbow crayon ain't nothing compared to X.
    Don't hate, this is just my opinion.