HOW TO GET GIRLS Trailer (2018)

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 23, 2018
  • Official How to Get Girls Movie Trailer 2018 | Subscribe ➤ | Release: 13 Aug 2018 | More
    Zach and Ben are two nerdy childhood best friends with a dream to go to Comic-Con. They spend their days engrossed in the adventures of superheroes and villains. They may not have a lot of friends, but they have each other. And what’s more, they have their ticket to Comic-Con: a near-complete original comic book written and illustrated entirely on their own. However, their Comic-Con plans are put on hold when Ben is forced to move with his dad to Antarctica. The two part ways, vowing that when Ben returns they will finish their comic book, make it to Comic-Con and make their dreams come true. As Zach braves school without his best friend by his side, his interests shift from superheroes to supermodels. He is obsessed with girls and getting into the coolest parties. But what hasn’t changed? Zach’s geeky exterior. However, after five years of total isolation and extreme puberty, Ben returns as the same geek now trapped inside the body of an underwear model. With his new ’golden ticket‘, Zach uses Ben to do what was once thought impossible: get girls!

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  • Tudor Miller

    Tudor Miller

     8 hours ago

    IDK! Did she get seriously beat up, and say that was fun, and they should hang out ??? Jeez Louise!! At what point are Hollywood going to make teen movies where teen boys aren't obsessed with sex, masturbation, and dating girls ? How about an Asexual teen movie ? 👨👀👩

  • At Most Fears

    At Most Fears

     2 days ago

    This is so cool to see i went to that school, Daniel Boone High School!!

  • Kristian Utomo Tobing

    Kristian Utomo Tobing

     5 days ago

    I'm laughing
    At the comments

  • Leocap619


     14 days ago

    Superbad is better

  • Mutu Kumaar

    Mutu Kumaar

     22 days ago +1

    Oh lord....pls forgive me for wasting time here...

  • dwbadwolf123


     1 months ago

    its so funny to watch my classmate in this movie! i love how they named the school like the school we went to  i cant wait to see this movie

  • Jihcjbdjnkc Schfjf

    Jihcjbdjnkc Schfjf

     1 months ago +5

    Ok completely serious I was in this movie as a extra (it was filmed at my highschool) the lines were even worse then what got into the final cut, and the director would hit on my underage female cast extra and I hate seeing this.

  • Andrius Vxx

    Andrius Vxx

     1 months ago


  • Molly Levinthal

    Molly Levinthal

     1 months ago

    went to USY with Zach Fox back in the day. also helped him out with the costuming for his "Jerk it Off" music video parody of "Shake it Off"

  • Sanu Dutta

    Sanu Dutta

     1 months ago +1

    Whenever I get a boner I put a towel on it and pretend it's a Ghost.

  • Nandyala sree harsha

    Nandyala sree harsha

     1 months ago

    Can some one let me know the background music at the end??

  • Edward Alex Carey

    Edward Alex Carey

     1 months ago

    [ another trash ass movie ]

  • Gregory Lynch

    Gregory Lynch

     2 months ago

    0:47 we were just gonna go to the Roxbury but we couldn't get in xD

  • Fallen Devonish

    Fallen Devonish

     2 months ago

    Every 4 years america makes this movie, the ugly geeky jewish kid who isn't liked by the georgous blonde haired blue eyed cathlic girl who in the end by doing something crazy falls for him.

  • [WUT] Bobo

    [WUT] Bobo

     2 months ago

    Lol he does not know how to get girls at all

  • Christopher Frost

    Christopher Frost

     2 months ago

    i feel so bad for David Koechner, he is a comedic genius, he shouldnt have to do fuckery like this

  • Wilt Chamberlain

    Wilt Chamberlain

     2 months ago

    Guilty pleasure teen movies

  • One Geek Vs All Mainstream

    One Geek Vs All Mainstream

     2 months ago

    My generation wants me to die

  • Me Miss Marie

    Me Miss Marie

     2 months ago

    It's on Hulu

  • Eliastheleon 24

    Eliastheleon 24

     2 months ago

    Fake American pie and every other teenage sex movie those r great but this one is shit