The Build | The CLEANEST Miata I've ever seen | In-depth Overview

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 10, 2019
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  • Wade Guidry

    Wade Guidry

     15 hours ago

    The build, while nicely done, is not my style, but those headlights rock!

  • operamatt



    that interior is to die for

  • operamatt



    gorgeous build. just too wide.

  • AXEL_X



    can i have the name of the guy that build the miata?? He does a overview but cant even give us a link os the builder's channel

  • Spazza42


     3 days ago +5

    He’s “taken it to a level that not many others do” - shows us 16” wheels with ridiculous offsets, fender flares, “custom tail lights” (that in no way shape or form copy Garage Vary’s rear panel), RevLimiter gauges and plans to drop an LS engine in it. Yep, no one else is doing any of this man 👍

    It was clean, then it got modified to shit. Standard Instagram poser. Just another Bastardized miata, such a shame.

  • Shred


     3 days ago

    thank god you said you've ever seen lolW

  • Monasha Vr

    Monasha Vr

     4 days ago

    I like skyline and bmw. Btw, ur car is clean🙏

  • A Z

    A Z

     7 days ago

    Headlights and tail lights make this car amazing, I really want those to be buyable

  • TheMcpeMaster 53

    TheMcpeMaster 53

     7 days ago

    Does anyone know what tires are on his rear?

  • TheMcpeMaster 53

    TheMcpeMaster 53

     7 days ago

    Whats the song at the end of video?

  • racekar80


     7 days ago

    Anything with stretched tires is not a serious car.

  • EliforLife


     14 days ago

    Lambo door conv. Kit

  • Michael Weston

    Michael Weston

     14 days ago

    24 years old and it doesn't even have 15,000 miles? Damn.

  • Rep66


     14 days ago

    me wanties

  • Aron Doogan

    Aron Doogan

     28 days ago +4

    8:47 Looks Like it’s smiling at you :)

  • Chris Bleurgh

    Chris Bleurgh

     28 days ago

    There is nothing clean about that MX5.

  • Kidd Skrrt

    Kidd Skrrt

     1 months ago

    buids a basic widebody miata "not alot of miata guys would take it to this level"

  • skeezus84


     1 months ago

    Did he ever mention who the guest is?

  • Andre Lereu

    Andre Lereu

     1 months ago +1

    Where is link to the videos of the guy doing the work?

  • Alex berry

    Alex berry

     1 months ago

    less offset, wider tires, and about half that power and the build will then make sense. otherwise it just COMPLETELY impractical which therefore in my opinion makes the car useless and unimpressive.