Amazon Kindle 4 (2011): Unboxing and Review

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 30, 2011
  • Amazon's 4th generation Kindle is smaller, lighter, and cheaper, but is it better? This is a detailed review and comparisons of the $79 Kindle 4 vs the Kindle 3.

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  • fravoj datový

    fravoj datový

     3 months ago

    máš hnusné nehty

  • Liam Corbett

    Liam Corbett

     6 months ago +6

    I’ve had this kindle for 7 years, and I’ve just lost it today 😢 still as good a product as the day I got it

  • Ringo Lim

    Ringo Lim

     a years ago +10

    I am watching this in 2018 and I still think that that is awesome

  • Fernando Del Valle

    Fernando Del Valle

     a years ago +6

    “A DVD player inside your car”



     a years ago +7

    I use this more than my ipad. I initially stayed away from these because of the special offers but it hasn't been an issue at all. Ads pop up on the home screen when turned on and that's it, once you log in they are gone.>>>   This tablet has an excellent picture and sound.I would definitely recommend this tablet

  • Shelinha Goncalves

    Shelinha Goncalves

     a years ago

    Can any Kindle read Google Play Books because I have a few books that I purchased from the Google Play Store and if if I ever get a Kindle I want to transfer my my Google Play books to the Kindle so I can read it on there please answer thank you

  • paulparoma


     2 years ago

    Just got this as a hand-me-down. Seems like a real useless piece of garbage with screen brightness that cannot be adjusted. Sorry, but I prefer reading on my netbook.

  • Florabel Cortes

    Florabel Cortes

     2 years ago

    To download books do we need to use microusb in downloading or it has its own connectivity?

  • KM


     2 years ago

    In mother Russia vodca is your kindle

  • Mischievous MaleFox

    Mischievous MaleFox

     3 years ago +1

    will I get the latest update of firmware for this ?

  • Bryan Cancel

    Bryan Cancel

     3 years ago +2

    Question! - and yes I know im only like 5 years late...
    but does this allow you to bring in your own files (html and pdf) into the e reader?

  • Yep6803


     3 years ago

    Is late if I buy it for my mother?

  • Jay V

    Jay V

     4 years ago +2

    Almost didn't understand when you said "berry" for "battery"

  • alex1902961


     5 years ago

    do ads appear if you're not connected to wifi?

  • Milad Broghani

    Milad Broghani

     5 years ago

    Does it have a spokesman, where it can read it out for you as well as only reading? Or is there any other book reader that does it for you?



     6 years ago +1

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  • Mohamed Talla

    Mohamed Talla

     6 years ago

    can it read PDFs? iI need to know

  • MrHarris010


     6 years ago

    Awesome review and nice sweater!

  • Sarah Tonpère

    Sarah Tonpère

     6 years ago

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  • TheLuminousCleric


     6 years ago

    e-readers still can't really handle pdfs. but throw anything else at them, they are fine.