Discussing 'Surviving R. Kelly' Docuseries & Our 2019 Resolutions

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 7, 2019
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  • Connie Holmes Sproaps

    Connie Holmes Sproaps

     7 days ago

    name is Connie I am support R.Kelly in Jesus name free R.Kelly

  • sherry burton

    sherry burton

     7 days ago

    This type of stuff happens a lot in the black community. We need to tell the truth about this. R Kelly just happens to have money. In our hood we see young black girls going through this with a lessor blk male. This is not surprising. Our black women are being abused on the regular.

  • Katrina Dawn

    Katrina Dawn

     1 months ago

    So where is the update now that the clowns have left the circus?

  • deanna n. young

    deanna n. young

     2 months ago

    yeah that's true i had never watched some much lifetime in my life neither it was crazy as hell. but facts are facts.. yeah the time line thing blew my mind. but i kinda always knew he was weird and sick right from the beginning honesty.

  • nana harvey

    nana harvey

     2 months ago +1

    Didn't hear you guys say ”alleged”

  • Jason Young

    Jason Young

     2 months ago

    A bear fuckry you all on this show talking. All this girl live one place and you never see each before and it just a 4 bed room house. All of these lady bever come out before because money stop

  • Lala Johnson

    Lala Johnson

     3 months ago

    She was in on that shitt didn't she get all his money for his records or whatever

  • melvin oliver

    melvin oliver

     3 months ago

    everyone wants to put r kelly down but foget about heffner did all the same and got away with it hottttt messss

  • DON8691


     6 months ago +1

    People folks will believe anything!😂😂 That was a reality that was scripted with cuts and all... Come back to reality

  • Bamboo Blue

    Bamboo Blue

     10 months ago

    R. Kelly is a sick, victim-blaming pedophile. He needs to be in jail. Hopefully these victims and their families can get the mental health care they need.

  • Dick Blaq

    Dick Blaq

     10 months ago

    This is NON-NEWS as it in NO way affects my life as an American citizen. I just unsubscribed from this rag because you're too stupid to tell when distractive news is put before you to get your negative EMOTIONS fueled about a non-white person. NOTHING Kelly does has ANY impact on unemployment, healthcare, college debt, immigration, tax cuts for the super-wealthy, a President whose friends include Russian MOBSTERS, and TONS of other things that DO affect me.

    Stick to stories that actually AFFECT Americans LIKE Sen. Omar DESTROYING crackka war criminals on Capitol Hill. You're only gonna convict non-whites anyway so why even report celebrity crimes. Is Weinstein in jail? Of course not. How about Kevin Spacey? Of course not. What about ANY of the scores of crackkkas that were called out for sexual harassment and even RAPE. Meanwhile, Bill Cosby, who simply engaged in PnP with a bunch of whores that wanted to be in showbiz, sits in jail even though no evidence was EVER shown that he drugged ANY of these women against their will or knowledge.

    Keep being yourselves crackkkas so MORE of us POC can see that you'll never change and we can just go ahead and kill you all. But the world will be an INCREASING difficult place for you melanin-deficient mutants to exist in until you exist NO MORE.

  • T. CROWN 321

    T. CROWN 321

     11 months ago +1


  • shuna shuna

    shuna shuna

     11 months ago +1

    Last of all would you all R.Kelly haters be in position to give us the greatest and best music that the legend R.kelly feeds us with..definately not..except to feed us with negativity that causes stress and depression..no normal mind can take that shit

  • shuna shuna

    shuna shuna

     11 months ago +1

    Some people are fond of looking for faults on succesful artists based on false allegations..my message is its not possible to destroy talent ..kkkkkk...lol..the Guy is heavily talented no matter what haters can say and he is here to stay and continue making wonderful music for us all.Those woman new the Police emergency number why didnt they call police,they new what they were after ...R.kellys money..all nonsense..better talk of global warming issues than wasting important airtime feeding us with bias

  • Joyce Mcphatter

    Joyce Mcphatter

     11 months ago

    Everybody really do love rkellys music and iam sure he did love having sex with these young girls once he got through with them in the bed

  • Joyce Mcphatter

    Joyce Mcphatter

     11 months ago

    He wanted him to call him daddy because you are his child

  • Cali B.

    Cali B.

     11 months ago

    Where are the black folks big boy? You need some new cohosts

  • Cortez Fernandez

    Cortez Fernandez

     11 months ago +1

    I won't defend Kelly! If guilty he is sick! The allegations are atrocious. Now, they are just allegations...nothing has been proven but the fact that he is perverted for peeing on females. Thus the domineering stuff is very likely TRUE. The allegations of making women call him daddy are likely true. That said, being held against their wishes.......seems like lies. The ages seem exaggerated. I'll use Allyiah for example. The panelist mentions that they were INTRODUCED when she was 12. This is true and verifiable. However, what she INSINUATES is that something wrong began to occur THEN. There are "documents" that seem to indicate that they were married when she was 15. This is denied by her PARENTS....even to this day! It was denied by the couple as well. Thus, it could have happened and it may not have happened. I believe there IS certainly something to it. Yet all of these investigations FAIL to PROVE without doubt. Does Kelly go after young women? I think without question. Does he go after underage teens? That has not been proven but it seems that he may.
    Where are the PARENTS of the young people involved? IF they are under aged they have FULL responsibility for their care and well being,

    Let's NOT put a sticker of blame on the African American community as some idiots try. Popular celebrities have been doing ALL of the things and WORSE alleged to R Kelly for DECADES. Elvis, David Bowie, Led Zeplin, Steven Tyler, Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger, Anthony Keidis of Red Hot chilly Peppers, Bill Wyman, Jimmy Page, Peter Yarrow and the extra inhumane sicko Ian watkins ....all rock stars who have had sex and group sex with minors. Then there are other pop stars like Pee Wee Herman, Rob Lowe, Woody Allen, Andy Dick, Roman Polanski, Don Vito, Subway Jared Fogel, Stephen Collins, James Franco,sicko pervert Paul Gary Glitter Gadd, Remy Gonzales, wrestler Jerry Lawler and your president Donald Trump and his friends Jeffery Epstien, Roy Moore and George Nader.

  • Noteman


     11 months ago +1

    Where is Tupac’s killer when you need him.
    Booboos...useless society.

  • Baatil Beats

    Baatil Beats

     11 months ago

    The only difference between a pimp and a player is the pimp abuses the control. Evolutionary Biology dictates that women prioritize a man who is able to control over the opposite.