Discussing 'Surviving R. Kelly' Docuseries & Our 2019 Resolutions

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 7, 2019
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  • Chris J Productionz

    Chris J Productionz

     7 months ago +100

    Who remembered when Big Boy was literally a BIG BOY 😂😂

  • dat1Beats


     7 months ago +54

    I think R. Kelly created his own prostitution network. They said some NBA players come through too. Smh I think it’s bigger than what it appears to be.

  • Mr. Big Man

    Mr. Big Man

     7 months ago +154

    Them parents sold their daughters for money

  • Arin Lewis

    Arin Lewis

     7 months ago +14

    I blame the Parents period. Take responsibility as a Parent for even putting your children in f'ed up situation. They were thinking money over morals which is very f'ed up.

  • Jaboy Photography

    Jaboy Photography

     7 months ago +88

    Big boy joined Latino radio or something ? Damn not one black face in that studio.

  • Moses


     7 months ago +26

    Lucifer was a musician too. This society is hilariously sad.

  • Samuel Everett

    Samuel Everett

     7 months ago +42

    Wait a minute not defending R.Kelly but do y'all know the owner of lifetime owns A&E was charged with child pornography Big boy you gonna talk about that.

  • Church Talk

    Church Talk

     7 months ago +17

    Sad thing is its HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

  • Melvin HHCP

    Melvin HHCP

     7 months ago +149

    Damn, is Big Boy the only Black radio personality working at that station?

  • kyle nicholson

    kyle nicholson

     7 months ago +8

    You ended the R Kelly conversation with how amazing his music is then changed the subject... That's a huge part of the problem guys...

  • Smooth Shaven Balls

    Smooth Shaven Balls

     7 months ago +74

    🔴 Who would of thought R. Kelly would cause all this unity, now if we could unify when we are actually happy with someone's behavior. ✔✌🏾

  • Banks Jay

    Banks Jay

     7 months ago +19

    I bet parents got paid!!

  • Len F.

    Len F.

     7 months ago +63

    He was/is a pimp. At one point, that was the cool thing to be. Remember, “pimpin’ ain’t easy!” Pimping was a culture of manipulating young, sometimes underage, girls to do things. Terrible situation for everybody!

  • Duece Momm

    Duece Momm

     7 months ago +203

    Diddy 1st baby mom was 15, Lil Kim was with big she was 14, Jay, was with foxy at 15. It wasn't just R.Kelly. y'all gotta remember the 90's

  • J L O'Bryan

    J L O'Bryan

     7 months ago +19

    I think he married Aaliyah because she was pregnant and she can’t get an abortion without parent consent at that time unless she was married.

  • T. CROWN 321

    T. CROWN 321

     7 months ago +8

    2019 Everybody Come Clean !" Jesus CHRIST ABOVE EVERYTHING



     7 months ago +9

    Mental, emotional, and spiritual bondage is worst than physical bondage. That's the reason there are still soooooooo many slaves without shackles living beneath their privilege.

  • Nicolas Long

    Nicolas Long

     7 months ago +28

    Let me find out KiKi was only 16 when Drake was asking if she loved him⁉️ 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Jon B

    Jon B

     7 months ago +38

    I can't believe he is still walking around. Wouldn't have been a daughter of mine or a female family member.

  • Robert Nesta

    Robert Nesta

     7 months ago +1

    For the ones that haven’t watched it, urine for a surprise 🤷🏾‍♂️