Adele Absolutely HATES Gordon’s Expensive Restaurant Makeover | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 14, 2017
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  • Kitchen Nightmares

     1 years ago

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  • Tango Toes

     2 months ago


  • Forbidden Rugs

     3 months ago

    Kitchen Nightmares hates blue as she is wearing blue

  • JM Ambrocio

     2 months ago

    "I love what we had."*bankruptcy?*

  • hoonaignachowaneha

     4 days ago

    @IMAX Nintendo Pizza King durr really?

  • M4Me

     5 days ago

    Well, the earth is a huge wierd place.I mean someone, somewhere should love bankruptcy...Apparently it's her 🤣

  • Drkwatch

     2 months ago

    "I've saved your business!""...I hate it...""But...but I made it bett-""I HATE IT!!! HOW DARE YOU IMPROVE MY LIFE!!!"

  • Angela Loh


    She doesn't have a life

  • Brian Holloway

     4 days ago

    republicans 2016?

  • iiiaestheticxchxrry x

     3 months ago

    Adele: I hate ice cubes. They taste like water. Bleh.

  • eanna connolly

     4 days ago

    Chicken is flipping gross It tastes like someone killed a bird and cooked it's corpse to purify it and make it edible

  • pann

     1 months ago

    Adele: Water is so bland, thats why i add salt on my water

  • BlossomAJL

     2 months ago

    This old lady is acting like a three year old. Like it's for your business to survive!

  • hamza dawarrior

     2 days ago

    She is so ungrateful

  • Light

     18 days ago

    must be hard to embrace change

  • ChaotiX

     8 months ago

    "I hate the Salmon. It tastes like a fish."…….that's because its a fish.

  • Jaden Baynard

     2 days ago


  • Will Lachaine

     6 days ago

    I hate making money5 mins later man i need money

  • Nemesiz

     3 months ago

    Wait a second...!! 4:38She is wearing BLUE !!!! WTH

  • ava long


    Ik she was just making a scene

  • CurryBoy

     12 days ago

    She’s fuckin blind lol

  • Kate Nelson

     3 months ago

    "I hate blue"Wears a BLUE SHIRT in the next scene!!! Wtff

  • CHEMIX2007


    😂 she has been exposed

  • The Randomness

     14 days ago

    Myke Phillips that was the same person

  • Kush Kong

     21 days ago

    i hate when elderly people behave that way smh.


     5 days ago

    Ah don’t let it bother ya

  • Volatility

     9 days ago

    Tamina Koyim I completely agree. For some of them, another factor is that they think they’re better/wiser than people younger than them. High horses and what not.

  • Its Mystic Midnight

     3 months ago

    Adele is like an old brat though... The makeover is for the business not for her self. She's acting like everything tastes bad to put Ramsay down and what salmon would not taste like fish I mean wth? and she said she hates blue but why would you damn wear a blue outfit in last part if you hate the color blue

  • Toni Leaf

     13 days ago

    I think it's more of her fighing back because the night before the reveal, her precious tropical decor was literally burned right before her eyes, as part Gordon's effort to force her to accept whatever changes he was bringing and move on from there. A bit on the extreme side on Gordon's part, but if you watch the entire episode, you can definitely see where he was coming from.

  • Owen

     14 days ago

    Ikr she is going to die anyway so she has to embrace life