Mandatory Minimums: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 26, 2015
  • Mandatory minimums require fixed prison sentences for certain crimes. John Oliver explains why we treat some turkeys better than most low-level offenders.

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  • Michele Smith

    Michele Smith

     14 hours ago

    Come on John, we know you love Australia.

  • Lara potocnik

    Lara potocnik

     21 hours ago

    2:56 You already have more prisoners than the country of Slovenia, so...

  • TheMiningTeam


     3 days ago

    When watching the first minute, is this 4 years ago or 4 days ago? Because all of those are things that still apply right now.

  • danyl barbour

    danyl barbour

     7 days ago

    its not about justes its about slavery

  • danyl barbour

    danyl barbour

     7 days ago

    the nature of this game is slavery
    convicts are suppose to go on after there prison time but the realty is that will remane on there record for the rest of there lives
    sooo we are generating a slave class in this government

  • Klaus EMH

    Klaus EMH

     7 days ago

    Why does he say "commited a mistake" when referring to commiting a crime? Making a mistake is putting on your pants backwards or buying mayo instead of mustard. Dealing drugs is a crime. You know it's prohibited but you do it anyways. That's intentional, not a mistake.

  • Alex


     7 days ago

    Did so many drugs my hallucinations were warning me to stop

  • Trottotrot


     7 days ago

    Love it
    John Oliver and Ben Shapiro for Congress

  • L&J Chillin' With The Greys

    L&J Chillin' With The Greys

     7 days ago

    his teeth reinforce stereotypes...

  • Darren Spohn

    Darren Spohn

     7 days ago

    Mandatory minimum sentences satisfy a Christians biblical need for revenge.

  • kingpest13


     21 days ago

    Mandatory minimum laws have got to go. How is this justice??? Ok no e of my best friends got 25 years for selling pot. He was a pot enthusiast that got good deals and started making money doing it. He was also a business owner and a very loyal hard working person. Nobody should EVER get 25years for selling pot.

  • GodsPerfectFailures


     21 days ago

    Isnt Hugh Jackman Canadian?

  • ptavangar


     21 days ago

    If theres one takeaway from this tv show, it's that the u.s.a. is so incredibly broken...

  • Something Something Something

    Something Something Something

     21 days ago

    Poor meth smuggler :(

  • HappySwedishPancake


     21 days ago

    I need an update

  • Norcanex S.G. LLC.

    Norcanex S.G. LLC.

     21 days ago

    Did the turkey fart or why did it need a pardon!

  • Kevin Walker

    Kevin Walker

     28 days ago

    I have no sympathy for anyone who deals drugs

  • madadh the wolf hound

    madadh the wolf hound

     a months ago

    It's a scam that mainly or nearly always targets black or Hispanics so that even with a very minor record stops them from out voting the white people in certain states

  • Don Omar Ramiro

    Don Omar Ramiro

     a months ago

    Aircraft hijacker: 24 years.
    Terrorist: 20 years.
    Child rapist: 11 years.
    What in the actual fuck, America?

  • Allen Poe

    Allen Poe

     a months ago

    Life sentence for 3 ounces of Meth, SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!