Hairdresser Reacts to People Going to The Lowest Rated Hair Salons

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 28, 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! The videos of people going to the lowest rated hair salons have been surfacing all over youtube. It has been majorly scary to see what some of these hair stylists do to these people!

    Brad & Eric Channel Trailer! ▷

    Susie Guajardos video ▷
    Ishta's Life video ▷




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  • Brad Mondo

    Brad Mondo

     3 months ago +16030

    Do lots of research before picking which hairstylist you go to! Not all stylists are created equal...

  • Suha Khalidi

    Suha Khalidi

     an hour ago

    For everyone saying the first girl was rude. I highly disagree, she wasn’t happy with her hair. It’s an objective opinion, it seems she has that personality where she stays quiet when she’s clearly miserable.

    If you’re a pushover that’s on you, but don’t call someone rude when clearly all she was, was unhappy.

  • Ariana Barajas

    Ariana Barajas

     11 hours ago

    You are literally such a hilarious and entertaining person btw love your videos soo much and love your outfit

  • Andreana Bowens

    Andreana Bowens

     12 hours ago

    I don’t know if it’s the way the video was edited but to me it really seemed like she didn’t show him the picture until after the bleach & papers was on and she was under that thing. it seemed like that was the first time he was seeing it 😬

  • Andreana Bowens

    Andreana Bowens

     12 hours ago

    That’s so rude that her boyfriend tells her that her hair is boring .... am I the only one ?

  • buzxy22


     15 hours ago

    i love this hair style so fucking much🥺🥺

  • Harlee


     17 hours ago

    $120!?!?! That’s CHEAP hunny

  • Brenda Nevarez

    Brenda Nevarez

     17 hours ago

    Your outfits are always sooooo niceeee😭😻😻where do u get them or help my dress 💕😭

  • angeleyes green

    angeleyes green

     17 hours ago

    Her hair is fine. Some people just like complaining

  • Mimi B

    Mimi B

     18 hours ago

    I would have cried for hours

  • Tashfiah Hossain

    Tashfiah Hossain

     19 hours ago

    It looks like she is wearing something Billie eillish would wear

  • elayna


     21 hours ago

    the first girls hair wasn’t bad at all until she went back 😭 idk what he was trying to do to help get what she wanted the second time but that ain’t it😂😂 and i don’t think she was trying to be mean at first. what he gave her didn’t look like the pic she showed so she didn’t want it, she should’ve just stuck with it though bc it didn’t look bad on her

  • xxW0lfyxx


     23 hours ago

    omg the first girls hair was actually really pretty!! AND SHES COMPLAINING ABOUT PAYING 120!! PFTTT I got blonde heavy highlights in my hair and it was 300 dollars 120 IS NOTHING 😂

  • Luckylovebae


     yesterday +1

    The fist girl is her fault the hair wasn’t bad at all, she wanted to be difficult and the guy fucked up her hair simple as that, people don’t realise but hair bleach works differently on every hair, you never know the outcome, yes of course you can fix it with a nice toner and make it look natural and not brassy but some clients expect too much when they know nothing about hair 😂😂

  • rocknroller 77

    rocknroller 77


    Shes a dumbass first of all. Olive tones rarely look good with blond. Regardless if its platinum or golden. Of course golden would look better. Just like fair tones rarely look good with dark hair. Depending on skin tone, all could look washed out. Second, that type of hair color she wanted looks like crap. Be unaware all you want, but it looks like people havent done their roots in months and just bleached the ends. Thirdly, the "stylist," did chop the hell out of her hair. This is a perfect example of why I haven't gotten a cut orvtrim in 13 years and never colored or dyed my hair. In my 40s and having had no choice in terrible mullets and perms as a kid, you learn to love and appreciate your natural hair.

  • Joseph Parker

    Joseph Parker


    When I lived in my hometown I used get my hair done by one of the best in that city because we were family but now that I moved from there I'm not sure the standing of where I go but its one of those major chains. I never get my hair dyed anymore because I really abused it in high school.

  • F V

    F V


    First video: went to the lowest rated Salon...what did you expect? What are you mad about? Like, the chances were high lol.
    It was cute the first time.

  • Just a random Otaku

    Just a random Otaku


    Sounds like the dude got revenge

  • odieo 4444

    odieo 4444

     yesterday +1

    I've only been doing hair 5 years and I could do that in 2 hours

  • odieo 4444

    odieo 4444


    Ok now she looks bad! I hate that I feel the need to comment so much lol