H3 Podcast #75 - Logan Paul Humiliated & Roseanne Loses It

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 27, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/pKENOdgWWUY


  • Calluna Vulgaris

    Calluna Vulgaris


    When SuperM introduced themselves one by one on the Ellen show, it sounded like laughing yoga after every introduction. Just completely drowned out the second half of their names.

  • mashtonish


     4 days ago

    the heehee mantra

  • Zumpt


     21 days ago

    Logan Paul: Admits to looking and acting like fuckboy

    Also Logan Paul: Omg they think I'm a fuckboy. How dare they judge a book by its cover

  • Vital Biscuit

    Vital Biscuit

     21 days ago

    1:31:44 ethan scratches armpit then sniffs fingers

  • Duke


     21 days ago

    Ethan's excessive use of the sound board did nearly give me a panic attack

  • madness 0927

    madness 0927

     a months ago

    Me: my sister died

    Laughter yoga group: HAHAHAHA

  • Hayden Lancour

    Hayden Lancour

     a months ago

    Anyone else getting maaaaaaaad Joker vibes from the weird laughing yoga thing

  • Nick Tara

    Nick Tara

     a months ago

    laughter yoga is for yahoos

  • Squiggly Kinkle

    Squiggly Kinkle

     a months ago

    Suddenly Sexual harassment panda doesn’t seem so far fetched

  • Banjo D

    Banjo D

     a months ago

    Well Ethan was off on that one. This fight made 11 million dollars what the fuck is wrong with the world.

  • Top Raptor

    Top Raptor

     a months ago


  • Steven Oman

    Steven Oman

     a months ago

    Papa bless

  • IIBeckyII


     a months ago

    No one :
    Absolute no one :
    Logan : I’m a picture perfect fuck boy

  • gabriel montalvo

    gabriel montalvo

     2 months ago

    i tried to show the podcast to someone new, and the stupid soundboard shit drove him away, it is not cute, it is not funny, it is just annoying. it is just a suggestion i really like h3 productions but that shit got on my nerves, pls plan the podcast, like 20 mins of that screaming clip and the curb theme, the curb your enthusiasm theme!, it is like the most played out shit on the internet. love you guys but pls, dont make it an "annoying " podcast for the sake of it. If your response, is the typical" naahh it is my pdocast, if you dont like it dont listen to it meewwh", pls reevaluate that. fuck that soundbaord you guys just dont know when to use it top make it an enjoyable tool for the show.

  • Mike Hayes

    Mike Hayes

     2 months ago

    Watching cartoons in his head lmfao

  • Till All Are Fun

    Till All Are Fun

     2 months ago

    Any one else want to smack that wide bench

  • Jacob Mullins

    Jacob Mullins

     2 months ago

    I don't get what you don't love about this

  • MagnumMMAmadness


     2 months ago

    Damn it Ethan, your like the annoying 12 year old with the Roseanne audio. I was trying to sleep to this and Roseanne yelling over and over was annoying, had to go to the Joe Rogan podcast.

  • trisha paytass

    trisha paytass

     2 months ago

    duuuuuude. wayyy too much pausing. love ya ethan but jesus christ, man

  • WCTA Chicago underground sound

    WCTA Chicago underground sound

     3 months ago

    19:46 witness the power of the pedo fap arm denied pedo pictures!