the most traumatic travel experience of my life

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 2, 2017
  • SO I GUESS IM A STORY TIME YOUTUBER NOW???????? totally just kidding i could never do that HAHA but i hope you enjoyed my extremely traumatic and life changing travel story. it was honestly intense. if you want more storytime videos in the future, LET ME KNOW!!!! ps. united airlines… WTF IS UP!!!

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  • X t r a

    X t r a

     7 days ago

    A few days ago the same happened to my mom and me. We had to get off an island and we didn‘t catch the bus so we had to run. The boat was literally about to take off and we saw that women standing there. We SCREAMED that we need to get on thet boat! And she told the guys on the boat with a phone or something that there were two more passengers. I felt the same like you did. I could not imagine staying on this island in this shitty weather and wait two more hours for the next one to come. So yeah we made it. Just wanted to let who ever is reading this to know that.
    K bye

  • Stephanie


     7 days ago

    I am just seeing this video now I am from Lewiston Maine which is only 45 minutes from port Clyde. I hope you see this I love you so much and I want to be you and meet you so badly. I would love if you came back to Maine

  • Stephanie


     7 days ago

    Emma please reply to this comment I am your biggest fan.

  • ur mom is straight

    ur mom is straight

     21 days ago +3

    HOLY SHIITTTT HER VOICE!!!😮😮 awww smol Emma

  • Flor Avaro

    Flor Avaro

     21 days ago

    She told the story so good that I literally almost cried when the guy saw her dad on the last call

  • Kim Rose

    Kim Rose

     28 days ago

    Girl, where in Maine did you go? I’m in Brunswick

  • Claire Martin

    Claire Martin

     a months ago +1


  • Matt Freake

    Matt Freake

     a months ago

    Don’t blame me for giving you nightmares

    I was in the woods of my local park, someone in my school saw a dead body under a mat and like 5 seconds later I heard two teens yelling
    One said “have you seen our blanket/mat” the other one said “ we’re gonna kill you “

  • Gianna DePretis

    Gianna DePretis

     a months ago

    LOVE how ur wearing ur homemade gucci shirt 👏👏👏👏

  • Julianna Gallegos

    Julianna Gallegos

     a months ago

    Her Gucci shirt!😂😂



     a months ago

    Omg her voice is so different now 😳😳

  • Jack H

    Jack H

     a months ago

    omg this story is so inspiring this changed my life

  • Tessa Myers

    Tessa Myers

     a months ago

    I fly Delta it's awesome

  • Ginger Meredith

    Ginger Meredith

     a months ago

    Her voice is so different now in 2019!

  • Catherine Sirard

    Catherine Sirard

     a months ago

    take a shot every time emma says frickin hahaha

  • Clara Srour

    Clara Srour

     a months ago

    If you aren’t from Canada, you don’t know how much Air Canada sucks.

  • Landon Yarborough

    Landon Yarborough

     2 months ago

    “And hold on to the freakin airplane wing. Until they notice me.” Idk why but this had me rolling

  • Anisha Imtiaz

    Anisha Imtiaz

     2 months ago +1

    Emma was a vsco girl before vsco girls existed

  • Trinity Vendalas

    Trinity Vendalas

     2 months ago

    me: oh shoot that sucks
    also me; has no clue what emma is talkin about

  • bomatt


     2 months ago

    Hardcore Emma, hardcore.