5.3l Swapped 240sx Shredder: Less Talk. More Drifting!

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 15, 2019
  • There's a reason why LS swaps are so popular: they work. Constant rev limiter bashing? No problem. Sky high coolant temps? No problem. Easy, reliable power? YUP. Micah Diaz brought in his homie/competitor John Shaffer to show us the finer points of having an LS swap, while blocking out the haters.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/pQ3GT03vGcw


  • Hoonigan Daily Transmission

    Hoonigan Daily Transmission

     6 months ago +134

    What engine would you swap into a 240sx; LS or 2JZ? Let the battles begin!

  • Robert Hill

    Robert Hill

     5 days ago +2

    Add this one to the list of burnyard brawlers for sure! Well done



     21 days ago +1

    That was sick af Haah!

  • Brendan Liddell

    Brendan Liddell

     2 months ago +1

    9:40 Dude, I almost had you...
    Dom: You almost had me? You never had me! You never had your car! Granny shiftin', not double clutchin' like you should.

  • Widham Foster

    Widham Foster

     2 months ago +1

    This guy just held his door open, kept the steering wheel in line and shifted a gear mid drift 🤔💥💪🏾

  • Prendsen !

    Prendsen !

     2 months ago

    That was entertaining!

  • George Costanza

    George Costanza

     2 months ago

    I think the bar's been moved up a bit.

  • Aaron Leslie

    Aaron Leslie

     2 months ago

    6:01 you can see that the track layout makes a dick lol

  • DdaD0n


     2 months ago

    He shredded that mf

  • Brad Windover

    Brad Windover

     2 months ago +1

    This guy is THE effing boss

  • Copper Wolf

    Copper Wolf

     2 months ago

    It’s the shirt

  • Nick Sherry

    Nick Sherry

     2 months ago

    Ls all the way! It is Way more reliable and more hp/$ i know it dosnt sound as nice but they dont sound bad lol

  • Joshua Slater

    Joshua Slater

     2 months ago

    Sick angles and slides it sounds great too!

  • Wake up with The Rooster

    Wake up with The Rooster

     3 months ago

    That’s my dog! Haha my boys been killing it since the Miata days!

  • William Henderson

    William Henderson

     3 months ago

    Not sure what rear tires he's running but a normal person should get about 300,000 miles out of them.

  • Antonio Ayala

    Antonio Ayala

     3 months ago

    Is it just me or does the lot from the view over the top look like a giant penis ?

  • Isaiah Bryant

    Isaiah Bryant

     3 months ago

    Wow amazimg💨💨

  • Genesis Strife

    Genesis Strife

     4 months ago

    The most proper death of a set of tires I've tires I've ever seen. Well done again, Hoonigan!

  • Jake Figeira

    Jake Figeira

     4 months ago

    Raise the trailer so people can slide under the middle

  • goose 99

    goose 99

     4 months ago

    9:40 “dude I almost had you”