Protecting first responders families during civil strife or WROL.

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 23, 2016
  • Do your part to protect them and also can be a big benefit to your prepper community.
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  • Christian Hackler

    Christian Hackler

     a years ago

    Good thanks

  • Doodley Squat

    Doodley Squat

     2 years ago

    Where is this constitution? Who has possession of it? Who guards it?....and if they burn it, did it even exist?....the constitution is NOTHING. We the people IS the power, be empowered yourself, not rely on some bullshit piece of paper that everyone falls back on.

  • charles mcgonigle

    charles mcgonigle

     2 years ago

    It's nice to know that the FEDs are red blooded Americans. But isn't people like the Clintons red blooded Americans ? Nope not me I can see. I have eyes. Trust the Feds are you nuts ? They have camps already set up just for people like us. they're called FEMA camps in care of Walmart run by the U.N. and supplied by China. How's that for your red blooded Americans. Our Fourefathers didn't run for the hills to hide like cowards, they stayed to fight for what was right. As for me I will support and defend the Constitution of the United Stats against all enemies foreign and domestic I AM AN AMERICAN.

  • Stan Smith

    Stan Smith

     2 years ago

    think about Gun control in MA and how crazy it is... they make it almost impossible to get ccw and stuff... well in MA they have Open Carry, how crazy is that... people in MA could hold a open carry rally march marathon. think about all the horrified liberals lol...iv been told that is why no one open carry there because it would make the liberals crazy

  • sheepdawg


     2 years ago +2

    Thank you for standing up for us cops. I'm a vet, pro gun, pro constitutionalist, and will always be ready to fight for this country. Can't stand how so many talk trash about our profession.

  • Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden

     2 years ago +1

    Hearing you promote trump just kills it for me

  • Duckman B

    Duckman B

     3 years ago

    Best damn video I ever heard. Right on brother!

  • Tamara Peer

    Tamara Peer

     3 years ago

    They say that an armed society is a civil society. I don't see it anymore. Want proof look through the comments on this video and other videos.. All I see is a society that argues. No one wants to agree to disagree without name calling, dishing shit on other people just to make themselves feel bigger, or whatever. I don't say much on any video. But felt compelled to say something here. I'm a seeker, I look for information that will help me, my family and those around me. God Bless you all.

  • Shewes


     3 years ago

    From my research and understanding is that Americans that have concealed carry licenses and register their guns are statistically the most law abiding citizens.

    I actually wanted to move from England to the USA because I wanted the American Dream. However with recent videos regarding FEMA I am hesitant to commit to such a thing. I like the prepper communities in the US. However martial law is a massive deal breaker.

  • Molly Mavrakos

    Molly Mavrakos

     3 years ago +1

    TRUMP 2016!

  • Denny Gobel

    Denny Gobel

     3 years ago

    And when Hillary appoints Supreme Court judges that strike down the constitution, you are on your own.

  • Old, bald fat man

    Old, bald fat man

     3 years ago

    "An armed society is a polite society"  said by Robert Heinlen in one of his books. The way anti-gun people talk/believe, the old west had gun fights every day, in every town.  As to leo's giving you real info, don't think so. If they can't protect the streets (think L.A./ Rodney King/Ferguson riots), they're going to haul ass out of the area and attempt to stop it from spreading. IF you're lucky, they MIGHT get on their P.A. system, telling you to stay off the streets and why. You're talking as someone who knows/is involved with these first responders, but don't think the majority of people are. We're patrolled by county sheriff and their building/county jail is about 7 miles away, while nearest fire dept. is 3. I don't know any of them, but if they needed help, I believe I'd be there for them as they have been for me the 2 times I had to call the sheriffs dept.

  • FixedByDoc . com

    FixedByDoc . com

     3 years ago

    i think it is time to trump the government lol...

  • Nathan Gambino

    Nathan Gambino

     3 years ago

    I am 100% with you on the support and help from preppers to first responders.

  • Nathan Gambino

    Nathan Gambino

     3 years ago

    Sorry to hear you say that about Trump. He is a con-man dishing out whatever he thinks he needs to say to gain power. Hillary's donor will be no better than her if he is elected.
    You are absolutely right about our Constitution, which is why if you contrast Trump's speech (populist pandering) with Cruz's (Constitutionalism) and you cam see that the Republicans fell far from the mark.

  • Heartland Hawk

    Heartland Hawk

     3 years ago

    You may be right, David, but when whole divisions of the system (Law enforcement, Judicial and executive ) are rotten to the core and extra-constitutional, It is very scary indeed to say "yea, but, but, but,the constitution says..."

  • Palmetto Patriot 1

    Palmetto Patriot 1

     3 years ago

    Brother I like your plans, and I wish you luck. A lot of folks think this way of thinking is of crazy people, but hey, they laughed at Noah too. I have some of the same plans and I hope it doesn't happen but I want to be prepared. I too am a career firefighter with 22 years on the job, I served as a Reserve Police Officer and Deputy Sheriff for 5 years. I served as a sailor with an amphibious detachment in the Gulf War. It is important that folks like yourself do what you do to help your family and those of the brothers and sisters in red and blue. I thank you Bro. I'll try my best to do the same. Thanks again Bro and good video.

  • john davis

    john davis

     3 years ago

    ink and paper don't go far. but good people following the word of god goes the distance. it is the same with the constitution. i am the type that follows both and would die for both.

  • Act Silverton

    Act Silverton

     3 years ago

    Great concept David

  • Tony Blackmon

    Tony Blackmon

     3 years ago

    The Constitution was written to limit the powers of the government, and establishing full authority to WE THE PEOPLE.