Triple Crate War - VINDICATOR Crates!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 12, 2019
  • Winner takes all
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  • Jon Sandman

    Jon Sandman

     1 months ago +215

    So sorry about the late upload. I had the video scheduled for tomorrow for some reason! Hope you enjoy!

  • Jordan Presley

    Jordan Presley

     7 days ago

    What spinning tires is Josh using?

  • Voidwalker204


     7 days ago

    0:49 last time we did this I think was 4crates ago...

  • Louis Richards

    Louis Richards

     14 days ago

    11:50 has a great in sync moment between jon and sotus

  • Rafa


     21 days ago

    2:35 Creeper, AWWW MAAAANNNN

  • Jebthedinosaur


     21 days ago

    hey good luck for me today i opened a crate with a decryptor and looked through the hole got a solar flare but my first bm in a crate in 4 years of playing this game

  • guitar covers 307

    guitar covers 307

     21 days ago

    4:17 umm... Jon, is everything ok?

  • Joe Cordner

    Joe Cordner

     21 days ago


  • The Pop League

    The Pop League

     28 days ago

    Dont worry John. I caught the four times joke lol

  • Maikel Nieuwdorp

    Maikel Nieuwdorp

     28 days ago

    Hey is that chubbier Dave Grohl? (no offense intended)

  • Jorge Pitre

    Jorge Pitre

     1 months ago

    Wheres blind trading

  • Nick Eisenheim

    Nick Eisenheim

     1 months ago

    Jon you should do a game where you open some crates and you have to equip what you get then play a best of 3 game. Sorta like a pink slip game.

  • Reese Fuhrman

    Reese Fuhrman

     1 months ago

    I have no idea what Josh said at 2:38 or at 5:40 please help

  • Reese Fuhrman

    Reese Fuhrman

     1 months ago

    Josh hasn't been in a crate video for a long time right? Why is nobody surprised?

  • Andrew Chandler

    Andrew Chandler

     1 months ago

    XYZ got 5 spec. Edition in one vid. 3 in a row

  • AppleCrash


     1 months ago +2

    4:12 Jon stuffed it up XD

  • Carsana


     1 months ago +1

    11:50 sync for Jon and sotus

  • Marco _

    Marco _

     1 months ago

    Anyone know what wheels Phantom is using?

  • kagewar


     1 months ago

    This is why we should all be happy that crates are going away.... $60 was just dropped and no black market decals.

  • Roman Reilly

    Roman Reilly

     1 months ago