New Allied Races Ahead! Kul Tiran Humans and Zandalari Trolls

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 19, 2019
  • Two new playable Allied Races are waiting in the wings to join the Battle for Azeroth as part of the Horde and Alliance—but first, you’ll need to prove your worth and earn your way into their good graces.http://WorldofWarcraft.comSubscribe!
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  • maxfury lightsaber

    maxfury lightsaber

     6 months ago +1185

    LMFAO Blizzard fired the voice actor

  • Carolus122


     6 months ago +53

    Step 4: Pay for Race change

  • Spikà


     6 months ago +303

    "complete the game so you can play the game again"

  • Captain Chinson

    Captain Chinson

     6 months ago +912

    What happened blizzard? Did you fire the narrator too?

  • AH SeanR

    AH SeanR

     6 months ago +62

    no release date at the end??? why even post the video?

  • Widow Main

    Widow Main

     6 months ago +313

    noone cares anymore #FireBobbyKotick

  • Robbie


     5 months ago +9

    LMFAO!!!!!!!! you guys still havent released em yet? Good thing I unsubbed a longgggggg time ago!!

  • Dwalin Fundinson

    Dwalin Fundinson

     6 months ago +263

    Remember when new races were available without rep-grinds? The Burning Crusade remembers.



     6 months ago +1487

    Imagine being the blizzard employee who reads social media comments. Oh wait they probably got fired.

  • Etherek


     6 months ago +22

    I completly lost interest of playing anymore. Half a month after launch I just quit playing, bacause after hiting 120 im not feeling that expansion. I dont understand why, I played Legion all along and it was great from beginning to end. I think that WoW loosed its identity after all that expansions...

  • Katrine Petersen

    Katrine Petersen

     6 months ago +9

    Only what, 8 months late? Im starting to believe you have to be brain damaged to work at Blizzard

  • SylletBang


     6 months ago +17

    Women are giving birth faster then this release.

  • PKMN Trainer Diode

    PKMN Trainer Diode

     6 months ago +25

    Thanks, Blizz, for curing my WoW addiction. I keep watching these update videos and I feel nothing anymore. You have saved me hundreds of dollars since I quit.

  • Harry Stevenson

    Harry Stevenson

     6 months ago +54

    Sorry Blizzard it's too late

  • Maria Gordon

    Maria Gordon

     5 months ago +9

    With how long we've had to wait on these allied races there shouldn't even be requirements to unlock them tbh.

  • Andersow Prochnow

    Andersow Prochnow

     6 months ago +547

    I bought BFA because of Zandalari. Now i dont even play this game. Thank you, Blizzard.

  • Matthew Cullen

    Matthew Cullen

     6 months ago +7

    Imagine displaying these races as BFA content when BFA was announced, using them to hype the expansion, and then releasing them 7 months after the expansion came out. GG Blizzard

  • ZeT0ken


     6 months ago +77

    WoW you are too late..

  • Waspinator9063


     6 months ago +19

    I was REALLY excited to play a Zandalari druid. All of my friends were going to roll Zandalari. This was back in August. Now I'm the only one left subscribed and I log in for an hour a week. By the time 8.1.5 drops, my six-month sub will have expired. Oh well. Maybe if the next expansion looks fun despite all the budget cuts, we can finally get around to playing content promised for BfA...

  • Hemera


     6 months ago +7

    Seems like Lore's voice got fired too.