He said he would uninstall Rocket League if i beat him

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 17, 2019
  • Grinding those 2's!
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/pk9xswDnyAU


  • Joakim Persson

    Joakim Persson

     1 months ago

    Xfreeezi fucked up so hard at the end of that second game lol, incredibly hard, he literally just had 2 stick 2 the ball, instead he flies it straight into the middle, gives them a free one lol.

  • Steven Deysher

    Steven Deysher

     1 months ago


  • MrJakib1


     1 months ago

    I used to be the guy asking why you're champ. But you seriously have improved a lot. Great work Jon!

  • c gene

    c gene

     1 months ago

    with a snap of his fingers, jon sandman kills off 50.001% of skilled players

  • Mr. Boring

    Mr. Boring

     1 months ago

    He quoted Creed Bratton "I like em au natural"

  • Caleb Ke-A

    Caleb Ke-A

     1 months ago

    From plat ( in the early days) to champ. Your doing well my guy. (:

  • SuperWho Merlock

    SuperWho Merlock

     1 months ago

    Seeing you play with Yolo vs this skill is unmatched. I couldn't ever say this was you earlier cause you are so much better now!

  • Derek Cantwell

    Derek Cantwell

     1 months ago

    U kno what..Im feelin the new cut.

  • tocoolforu28


     1 months ago

    Slap butt

  • Inzectus


     1 months ago

    swag kick off ....
    what else Jon
    Btw love the series

  • Ruben


     1 months ago


  • Tahnie Rudling

    Tahnie Rudling

     1 months ago

    Liking the fresh hair cut but should not of touched the beard just clean trim it not get rid of it! But looking clean ny dude! Love the vids i get hyped like you and im new to rocket leauge hahaha

  • Tyler Bryan

    Tyler Bryan

     1 months ago

    I love how Jon actually talks to the people who try to talk to him! Much love Jon

  • Ryan Sellers

    Ryan Sellers

     1 months ago

    What wheels does he have?

  • Arno Foutren

    Arno Foutren

     1 months ago


  • Toms Skrasti禳

    Toms Skrastiņš

     1 months ago


  • Drew Casey

    Drew Casey

     1 months ago

    27:40 Jon goes all the way back for boost when he couldve stolen other teams boost and turned for a shot

  • Hoss


     1 months ago


  • Ejo John Varghese

    Ejo John Varghese

     1 months ago +1

    You have to make a video of solo playing lethamyr.
    If you ask me, that is a perfect match

  • MrPope14


     1 months ago

    Jon, how does it feel to get zooo close to 1.000.000 followers? :O