Worst Shark Tank Products Ever

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 27, 2019
  • Shark Tank gets ranked! Find out what’s the worst of the worst with these flopped product pitches. GMM #1492

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/pm7GpKlXJSg


  • Sikstene 16

    Sikstene 16


    Stop confusing sadism with masochism, please.

  • LS3Xavier


     5 days ago

    Squirrels continually sabotage feeders and birds typically dont feed near squirrels from what I've noticed. It's not a bad idea in my opinion

  • Mogzy210


     5 days ago

    Emily is the hottest tho <3

  • Andrew Silva

    Andrew Silva

     7 days ago

    None of these people are remotely funny.

  • Luke Neff

    Luke Neff

     7 days ago +1

    “I hope you like staind” gave me a heart attack

  • Alex Barbre

    Alex Barbre

     7 days ago

    From 5:40-6:00 I cried I laughed so hard.

  • Nicholas B

    Nicholas B

     14 days ago


  • Franco Palumbo

    Franco Palumbo

     14 days ago

    Squirrels Eat Everything - That Device is Amazing!!!!

  • Fork & Spoon Entertainment

    Fork & Spoon Entertainment

     14 days ago

    How dare you make fun of I want to Draw a Cat for you

  • C Robinson

    C Robinson

     14 days ago

    If I had three wishes my first one would be to spend a day with Jordan

  • Tj Taz

    Tj Taz

     14 days ago

    Y'all have some very beautiful ladies on staff 😍. Think I love the redhead lol

  • Celienet


     14 days ago

    Car drawing guy makes MILLIONS now!

  • Celienet


     14 days ago

    Wait - how did you GET a squirrel Boss if they never made it??

  • MeMyself&Mandy !!!

    MeMyself&Mandy !!!

     21 days ago

    No worries! 😀 I definitely act like an Amanda. Ahahaha.

  • Do The Do

    Do The Do

     21 days ago +1

    No recognition for Dragon's Den? Alright then...

  • TheGuerilla14


     21 days ago

    I like how when it came to talking about the elephant one it just turned into a roast session about Amanda haha

  • Josh


     21 days ago

    That red head is pretty

  • toh ping Tiang

    toh ping Tiang

     21 days ago

    You can just buy a 3 dollar doll and talk instead of $60

  • Sasha Blan

    Sasha Blan

     21 days ago

    the last guy was just a one man version of fiverr

  • Pinstripe


     21 days ago

    I think the Bluetooth ear thing could work if it wasn’t pitched as a company.