Mysterious Woman Found Alone on an Island

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 23, 2019
  • In 1853, a mysterious native American woman was found on an island at the coast of California. What makes it strange is that she was all alone by herself, and even today nobody knows how she ended up there or whats her true name is, she is now just referred to "Juana Maria".

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  • surbhi dubey

    surbhi dubey

     seconds ago

    how can they say that she is an indian women when they dont know her origins .strange !!

  • Mr Lonely

    Mr Lonely

     2 hours ago

    Virgin till death...

  • Gelila Habesha

    Gelila Habesha

     2 hours ago

    She died becz nasty ass infested white ppl brought their airborne diseases

  • Joy SGC

    Joy SGC

     13 hours ago

    Very haunting mystery.
    Thank you for uploading.
    The legend of Juana Maria🤔

  • Thom Mender

    Thom Mender

     19 hours ago +1

    32 seconds in.... am I looking at a
    Pacific Ocean east of California?

  • tracy blauvelt

    tracy blauvelt

     19 hours ago

    Civilization destroyed her

  • Harry Canary

    Harry Canary

     23 hours ago

    One tough lady ! How sad that she was doing just fine until she was 'rescued'.

  • Bird Empire

    Bird Empire



  • John Morse

    John Morse


    Some rescue, she was doing well on her own and they took her only for her to die of dysentery. What were they rescuing her from again?

  • Brandy Scott

    Brandy Scott


    Theres a book based on this story its called the island of the blue dolphins

  • Morrigan Aensland

    Morrigan Aensland


    Nixxiom is that you?

  • BM32



    People were there hiding. It's not hard to figure out... underground home

  • George Roman

    George Roman


    Christofer Columbus did "discover" a land and a people unknown to other Europeans, hence he did discover America, if only in a matter of speaking. The word Discovery is simply the action or process of discovering or being discovered. Which is synonymous with finding, locating, unearthing, etc. Why then is it that people, like many of those up and down this thread with obvious enough intelligence to understand what this video is about, quibble about something so trivial as semantics???

  • Charles Benson

    Charles Benson


    I believe she was from a nearby tribe who sailed there or got shipwrecked there. Or she couldve been captured by the Nicolenos. That's why she couldnt understand the others.

  • Richard Saxe Coburg

    Richard Saxe Coburg

     2 days ago

    Made her Christian, then she died. Yes, like all other natives.

  • Monique


     2 days ago +15

    No white man have never “ discovered “ any land, there have always been natives of that country living there.

  • Terri Mabrey

    Terri Mabrey

     2 days ago

    ...oh and Russia...I'm just saying.....

  • Terri Mabrey

    Terri Mabrey

     2 days ago +6

    GOD was with her the whole time, all tje tome.

  • mac plastering

    mac plastering

     3 days ago +1

    Incredible woman to survive alone

  • Jensen A

    Jensen A

     3 days ago

    So if I understand correctly, they took a boatload of her people off the island (who would have understood her) 20 yesrs esrlier and none of them survived the 20 years? Did they all pass very fast like her?