Top 10 Secret Vendors in WoW

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 7, 2018
  • World of Warcraft has handful of Secret vendors. Vendors that are either in way out of the way locations who sell exclusive items, Or just vendors on rare mob type timers. This video will go over a mixture of both of those types of vendors, and rank them from least secret to, kind of the most secret and hard to find.

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    --The List--
    10-Shady book dealer, and other tome vendors
    9 -Gnome bros
    8 -Dealer Rashaad (Exotic Creatures)
    7 -Broken Shore vendors
    6 -Thomas Yance
    5 -Rona Greenteeth -Inkyblack potions
    4 -Magnus Frostwake
    3 -Little timmy
    2 -Mad merchant
    1 -The one under dal (Kaye Toogie)
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  • Kasper Vuorinen

    Kasper Vuorinen

     5 days ago

    Oh, this was not classic. No interest then

  • donagathor


     6 days ago

    Ive heard of a crazy one to get to, the bengal tiger mount in old stranglethorn. Never knew if it was real tho

  • M Robert

    M Robert

     6 days ago

    LOL, saw the video few times before, but I just realized that on my druid I missed all those spells, Flap is actually useful in many occasions.
    Thank you!
    GL in Vanila xD

  • Dmitri Eriksson

    Dmitri Eriksson

     7 days ago

    Yu-gi-oh is funner to play with friends

  • Panah Panah

    Panah Panah

     7 days ago

    sold a shit tone of the n°7 lowpop 10-15k (the shirt)

  • John Denver

    John Denver

     14 days ago

    The alliance “Broken Shore” vendor is also found in an alley in old town. Not rare or secret at all

  • whatever8282828


     21 days ago

    You talk a lot about doing research: surely you could have "researched" how to pronounce thaumaturgist

  • Gonk Droid

    Gonk Droid

     21 days ago

    In the little area in the middle of old town, Lenny is next to the mount guy.

    And in the troll starting zone, by Vol'jin's building, the other vendor troll is there.

  • Average Gatsby

    Average Gatsby

     1 months ago

    lil timmy made me rich prior to all of the account wide pets etc

  • Morsmordre


     1 months ago

    Does anyone have the song from the intro with the deep bassline?

  • CadaverJunky


     1 months ago +1

    Every time I'm reminded of that inky potion/original night sky thing I get so mad. Fuck Blizzard.

  • Dean Ironrod

    Dean Ironrod

     1 months ago +1

    dang engineers... lol

  • Ghaleon


     1 months ago

    I didnt know Timmy was rare. Ive seen him a lot lol.

  • nils lindström

    nils lindström

     1 months ago

    for the #1 spot, u can actualy clip through a wall and walk underground to get to her

  • Amber Toney

    Amber Toney

     1 months ago

    you forgot about hilton paris vendor who sells the rare bag that gives you the achv my sack is gigtique in shat in outlands named to reflect on actress paris hilton

  • Iggy Shake

    Iggy Shake

     1 months ago

    What about the Nelf npc/vendor what was hiding behind the STV mountains way back in the days? :p

  • Carl Johan Tihkan

    Carl Johan Tihkan

     1 months ago

    Black market is not hard to get too but its like a "secret thing" with lots of cool stuff to buy

  • Sworn Apex Beast

    Sworn Apex Beast

     1 months ago

    Lvl 110 not even 200k gold man did you lvl boost holy shit your broke I could buy you I had 5 million at lvl 85 1 m gold cap baring in mind I knew how to undercut people but still least I cloud buy top tier shit as lvl 85 for lvl 120

  • Sworn Apex Beast

    Sworn Apex Beast

     1 months ago

    Shitty pixel quality 1080p recorded on a 720 so 360 p

  • The L Games

    The L Games

     2 months ago

    You are very wrong about needing to level a ew out to get the boots. You make a trail account>hearth>get boots>use said item>you now have the boots>delete toon.

    Geese get it right you McNoob