Top 10 Secret Vendors in WoW

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 7, 2018
  • World of Warcraft has handful of Secret vendors. Vendors that are either in way out of the way locations who sell exclusive items, Or just vendors on rare mob type timers. This video will go over a mixture of both of those types of vendors, and rank them from least secret to, kind of the most secret and hard to find.Lil Timmy video = " 4y Records Unconcerned About Our Youth Since 1985." Media-- you can't get enough of my videos you can always check out my other channels as well -Yu-Gi-Oh - Battles (in WoW) - 10s - - Channel - to join the network I'm under? Its probably one of the best ones to join for a gaming channel - of the Video backgrounds in this video were made by "Amitai Angor AA VFX" List--10-Shady book dealer, and other tome vendors9 -Gnome bros8 -Dealer Rashaad (Exotic Creatures)7 -Broken Shore vendors6 -Thomas Yance5 -Rona Greenteeth -Inkyblack potions4 -Magnus Frostwake3 -Little timmy2 -Mad merchant1 -The one under dal (Kaye Toogie)
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  • The Rethan-Family

     1 years ago

    don't forget that you no longer get shirts when you create a new character but a chest-piece. This makes the shirt-vendor in past-hillsbrad so much more valuable.

  • zeranzeran

     1 months ago

    Don't forget to check the auction house too. Many cheap shirts

  • wijnandvz

     12 months ago

    Matthew Bolton awesome

  • Rizzle Dog

     4 months ago

    You forgot the PVP vendor. I can't seem to find it anywhere!

  • mmtigan

     10 months ago

    Oh no, a cannibal undead! Who could have foreseen this!

  • φιλιππος φερρετ

     12 days ago

    @No Name your mommy sucks my balls well!!

  • No Name

     3 months ago

    @mmtigan your mom.

  • J.J. Shank

     1 years ago

    Wow! You were right, Kaye is _seriously_ secret! The thought of a profession-specific item having that _rare chance_ of an extra option, taking you to a vendor hidden in plain view, is just awesome.

  • kattengaming

     1 years ago

    Yep, you can glitch your way through walls: /watch?v=3YV8s1757LI

  • The French Guy

     1 years ago

    I've seen a video from heelsbabyface I think who show how to get to her by going through walls, but yeah, the legit way is quite tough

  • Madeline K

     1 years ago

    After watching I took my lil 110 gnome engineer, got her the mats to make the Wormhole Generator: Northrend, used it, got the option "Underground..." right away, spoke to good ol' Kaye Toogie, and got the recipes! First try! This kind of luck never happens to me so ty very much for the good vibes my dude!!!

  • hirumaredx

     1 years ago

    Also holy hell was it a pain in the ass getting footage for some of these vendors. I had to sit in Stormwind City for 2 hours before Lil Timmy spawned. Luckily I had trade chat to keep me occupied. Alliance players do not like being called 12 in game either lol. I also got really lucky when farming for the mad merchant footage. I just parked 2 alts in his spawn location on 2 different servers and managed to find a spawn after a reset on a tuesday. And the same day I managed to get footage of the shady ...

  • Mac Frost

     24 days ago

    Lol been there.

  • Dean M

     1 years ago

    For number 5 you should have brought up the fact that it makes the sky the way the sky used to look in vanilla.

  • Cait-Eriona

     1 years ago

    Culling of stratholme, flower vendor who sells stratholme lilies within a shop of stratholme if you do not start the culling.

  • Kian Christensen

     2 months ago

    all 2016 twinks know of her since pvp was item level based and the stratholme lillies were high ilvl so you could equip it as a level 19

  • Brian Corvello

     11 months ago

    I wish they'd come up with an Achievement linked to Rona. For example, if you buy and use the item that matches your race you would get one called "You Are What You Eat" or something. What? I've seen sillier ones.

  • Hoar Frost

     5 months ago

    That would actually be genius, they could put it in events achievements or feats of strength.

  • demottt

     10 months ago

    I know of a more secret vendor, but I was told not to say anything.