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  • Published on:  Friday, March 22, 2019
  • US is now out, so let's talk about some of the spoilers I couldn't talk about before.#US #UsMovie
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  • Jeremy Jahns

     3 months ago

    HAHAHAHAHA! I really didn't catch that it said "APOILER ALERT!". Well, enjoy.

  • Hamilton Abel dos Santos Massinga

     a months ago

    Well. we did. Right from the beginning. Lol. Hugs

  • Hans Ollo

     1 months ago

    Plot holes galore, but a good movie nonetheless. Just turn off your brain and ignore the in-world logic shattering plot holes. Ignore how Red (jumpsuit antagonist/real Addie) had to mimic Addie (protagonist/clone) for her whole life and not the other way around. Ignore how the Shadows somehow stopped mimicking their Tethers. Ignore how they got the jumpsuits, sandals, gloves, and scissors. Ignore how the Shadows didn't have contraception and should have had dozens of kids: kids for each time the T...

  • Tony Snchz

     2 months ago

    The real question isWhen is the police arriving?

  • Nimz

     2 hours ago

    @Nate DS I know right? A bunch of loonies with an improbable quantity of scissors against an armed police force? It's ludicrous.

  • Nate DS

     6 hours ago

    @Nimz its not like the army also showed up at the end what with the helivopters and stuff. Just plot holes.

  • Andre Foster

     3 months ago

    Where’s Thanos when you need him?

  • Anthony Amalathasan

     1 months ago

    Thanos snaps either doppelgängers live or they all die

  • Joe Snaffer

     2 months ago


  • corvus13

     2 months ago

    It suddenly occurred to me that the guy standing on the beach that Jason saw at the beginning was the beginning of the Hands Across America. He had his hands out waiting for others to join him.

  • John Smith

     12 days ago

    And he was the same guy (but younger) holding the same sign at the amusement park when aiddie was a little guy.

  • suadela87

     2 months ago

    Joel Pugh they probably are, if the rollercoaster is anything to go by.I think it’s one of the main messages of the movie, that those above and below are basically the same, just with different environments growing up. Adelaide was able to switch places with... herself... and then was even able to control her counterpart when she was above and her counterpart was below.Sure, one may be a shadow to the other, but that shadow is interchangeable.

  • witch, please

     3 months ago

    Off topic but Lupita was radiant in this movie. So beautiful

  • Christopher Lowery

     an hour ago

    rudeboymon your brain just reminded my brain to do the sameGood lookin’ out 🤤👌

  • rudeboymon

     6 days ago

    I was high AF watching this amd my brain kept reminding me to look up black small tits porn. I was like shup up until the movie is over 😳

  • John Jermaine Watson

     3 months ago

    Little Lupita’s dad won her a Thriller T-Shirt.At the end of the Thriller music video, MJ wakes up his date from the dream and as they walk out his eyes turn yellow, revealing that he was a monster the whole time. Basically what I’m trying to say is Jordan Peele told us the end in the beginning.

  • Ninoh

     16 days ago

    Nice catch on this video...this is the second time I’ve seen someone say this but nice

  • Ninoh

     16 days ago

    Metrosuez ppl who really use their mind and try to think outside the box will notice things other ppl cannot or couldn’t so I think it’s possible it’s the truth peele told us in the beginning


     2 months ago

    If Red went to the bathroom with her mother, the events of this movie wouldn’t of occurred

  • Katakuri Fan

     3 days ago

    So the true moral of the story is bad parenting ?

  • spiderman ironman

     14 days ago

    They had so visitors

  • Billy London

     2 months ago

    Did anyone else genuinely think Greg was gonna die when he got dragged out of the house by his tethered

  • ultimateNerd 4eva

     15 days ago

    Yes, definitely, absolutely

  • Jefff Ledle

     2 months ago

    Billy London yeah

  • Darren Brady

     2 months ago

    One very subtle reference was when the rich white man says that he saw OJ Simpson outside the window of the apartment - all the clones wear one glove.

  • Zachary Banasiak

     3 days ago

    They wear one glove because of Thriller not OJ idiot lol

  • Nate DS

     5 days ago

    If the glove does not fit you canot aquite

  • Stephanie Smith

     2 months ago

    What made me feel grossed out for a moment was when the original Adelaide said something like 'you were up here falling in love with your prince charming and I was forced to be with someone I don't love'.Meaning the two down there must have just raped each other every single time the two upstairs were getting it on.Creepy

  • Hans Ollo

     1 months ago

    Yet somehow without contraception the Shadows only gave birth when the Tethers did. Wouldn't the Shadows get impregnated every time the Tethers had sex for fun? Shouldn't Red have had dozens of kids?

  • Hiley Moon

     1 months ago

    Stephanie Smith also fucked yo is she talks about giving birth to monsters and having to undergo her own c section. Just imagine her life was birmal then bam cant talk to anyone you eat bunny you get a c section and just all that fkn shit? Jeez. I feel so bad for the real one that was seitched. She probablytold the son m everything and hid gum then she cane in and ge saw her do that 0.0 crazy.