Why Today Was Five Guys Worthy

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
  • I promised myself I would NEVER step foot in Five Guys... unless something like this happened. Let me tell you all about Fargo North Dakota and my first Alex Clark Live show....

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  • San Andreas Department Of Public Safety

    San Andreas Department Of Public Safety

     3 months ago +3402

    Omg IM IN THE VIDEO!!!!!

  • Valdis Stocking

    Valdis Stocking

     7 hours ago

    I knew what 5 guy is. I live it. It’s my favorite

  • Bella Grace

    Bella Grace

     8 hours ago

    I’m pretty sure I’ve never been to 5 guys I’ve been to Red Robin’s smash burger chili’s Freddy’s basically every freaking burger joint (as a vegetarian so I haven’t tried like any of their hamburgers) but not five guys

  • Arland Smith

    Arland Smith

     9 hours ago

    Yaaaayy Alex!!

  • Amanda Villezcas

    Amanda Villezcas

     13 hours ago


  • ISD Thailand tv

    ISD Thailand tv



  • Daniel Wagner

    Daniel Wagner


    Come to Colorado

  • The MLG Quinndin

    The MLG Quinndin

     3 days ago

    I’m Quinn! But the Quinn in the video is a different Quinn.

  • Annabelle Dodd-Sutton

    Annabelle Dodd-Sutton

     3 days ago

    So you are saying 5 guys isnt your mums house

  • Kim Mj Mangos

    Kim Mj Mangos

     4 days ago

    What is 5 guys XD

  • Kimberly Kimmy

    Kimberly Kimmy

     8 days ago

    Five guys is a restaurant there now you now all they sell is hamburgers I go there like all the time

  • Helé Erasmus

    Helé Erasmus

     8 days ago

    Zorgo duivuise 5:26

  • Tigist Chka

    Tigist Chka

     9 days ago

    I live in Canada and we only have McDonald KFC agw

  • The fantastic 4

    The fantastic 4

     9 days ago

    Hi alex

  • Cupcake Lps

    Cupcake Lps

     11 days ago +1

    Five guys is A Diner

  • turkey 22

    turkey 22

     11 days ago

    I've been to Five Guys before about. 8 months ago

  • Craig Grando

    Craig Grando

     11 days ago

    duh five guys is the best!

  • Jarek Rudy

    Jarek Rudy

     12 days ago

    what is five guys

  • Ashley Adams

    Ashley Adams

     13 days ago +1

    So what is five guys?

  • The sad parts of life Iife

    The sad parts of life Iife

     14 days ago

    I love five guys 😻🤗🍔🍔🍔🍔🥤🥤🥤