your favorite nba 2k youtubers are not as good as you think...

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 25, 2018
  • it's a ton of fun to play competitive park and pro am so them videos coming soon!
    Some of this footage was from my live stream: /pg/CallMeAgentZero/

    Cheese -

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  • TreyBoi -_-

    TreyBoi -_-

     7 days ago

    First time I heard agent say nigga

  • Demon2031


     14 days ago

    But you goat

  • Kai The God

    Kai The God

     21 days ago

    Anget everybody knows u suk

  • The SmashBros

    The SmashBros

     21 days ago

    That voice had me dead

  • Ajc247


     21 days ago +1

    So how bout gman cuz gman is my founded me

  • MooseJuuice


     1 months ago

    Agent the best 2k youtuber hands down

  • jaymtl79


     1 months ago

    Every person I played with a a YouTube logo was a hoggin ass scrub.

  • Joshua Soler

    Joshua Soler

     2 months ago

    We gonna ignore the fact he said the N word

  • Jayden


     2 months ago


  • Wucken Fasted

    Wucken Fasted

     2 months ago

    What's ssh

  • Michael Pyatt

    Michael Pyatt

     3 months ago +1

    What do you mean my fav YouTubers dont make every shot they ever took?!?! They have video proof!!

  • Tanner Cox

    Tanner Cox

     4 months ago

    8 hours of playing for 10 mins of footage is how all youtubers work

  • MoneyMan Mamba

    MoneyMan Mamba

     4 months ago

    4:20 I’m fucking crying 😂

  • Guero Garcia

    Guero Garcia

     4 months ago

    Think we all know agent isn't that good

  • Mischief Maniac

    Mischief Maniac

     4 months ago

    1:57 anybody else hear agent say nigga

  • RTS Beast

    RTS Beast

     5 months ago

    Like you agent???

  • Qua D

    Qua D

     5 months ago

    Yeah it happened to me with shakedown I’m in one of his videos

  • iDeVinE F3AR

    iDeVinE F3AR

     5 months ago

    That moment when agent makes a video about NBA youtubers being shit yet he's shit him self 😜

  • Kjilla 2- SG-_Prodigy

    Kjilla 2- SG-_Prodigy

     7 months ago

    3:05 "nigga what do you mean"- Agent 00

  • Wolf DaGod

    Wolf DaGod

     7 months ago

    Shakes defender, drives to the hole wide open in the paint. then passes out to the guy on the 3pt line. I’ve seen that in multiple videos and I don’t understand that decision