Yella Beezy Breaks Down His Shooting Incident, Talks Dallas Music + More

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 7, 2018
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  • John D Gates

    John D Gates

     9 months ago +1656

    This is the most adult looking kid or kid looking adult I have ever seen

  • classicthegoat


     9 months ago +659

    whoever shot him watching this mad af

  • Playa Musik

    Playa Musik

     9 months ago +354

    Dorrough mightve only had one hit... But Ice Cream Paint Job will forever be a classic.

  • Samuel Glover

    Samuel Glover

     9 months ago +321

    dude is humble. I hope this young brother prospers to an even higher level.

  • Mario Marius

    Mario Marius

     9 months ago +470

    To all the young "G's" who idolize the street light, you better take in what comes with it. Notice at 9:35-9:45 who he said he called. His baby mother, then his mother. Ain't called his #1 goon, or boys at the club that he was just with. When it really comes dwn to it, you know whats important and who is. This shit ends two ways, and neither is a good look.

  • Kennie Smith

    Kennie Smith

     9 months ago +1623

    Listen....any time you tell your people "i gotta go chill with my son, he's about to be gone for a couple of weeks' and their response is "naw just come on to the club for a little bit", find you a new circle. It's that simple.

  • Jay jaytv

    Jay jaytv

     9 months ago +230

    He’s alive cuz he did not panic that’s facts

  • Robin jackson

    Robin jackson

     9 months ago +105

    "Mann just gimme sum" OXYGEN 😂. I'm really glad this boy pulled through 💪. God is good.

  • Entertainment With B

    Entertainment With B

     9 months ago +138

    His accent everything 😂🙌🏾

  • Chaze Seaberry

    Chaze Seaberry

     9 months ago +565

    Thank God for Charlemagne absence.

  • R J II

    R J II

     9 months ago +893

    Dallas/Fort Worth is pretty big. You can’t just find somebody on the highway. It was a setup

  • Kiro Burno

    Kiro Burno

     9 months ago +74

    he called his mom before 911. priceless

  • Inner Nation

    Inner Nation

     9 months ago +117

    Yo I like this dude he's a real one💯 they love him upstate New York he on the radio daily

  • Janetta The Lash Queen

    Janetta The Lash Queen

     9 months ago +107

    I like yella beezy , he's seems cool and stay in his own lane.

  • fornite god-YT

    fornite god-YT

     8 months ago +64

    if you are reading this have a good day

  • embrace_my_intellect14


     9 months ago +23

    Yella, you better preach boy!!!
    "I walk out on Faith...If I ain't got God, I ain't got nobody else" ❤

  • Kelvin Scales

    Kelvin Scales

     9 months ago +39

    Buy bullet proof cars not more guns....💯💯💯💯💯🙏

  • O Dubb

    O Dubb

     9 months ago +71

    I’m glad this brotha made it through

  • Jamerson XTHEX

    Jamerson XTHEX

     9 months ago +128

    Who would want to kill this man? You gotta be an evil MF to try to kill somebody like Beezy

  • JerseyJawn TV

    JerseyJawn TV

     9 months ago +671

    I feel like this interview would’ve been longer if Charlemagne was here