Mueller Passes the Impeachment Buck to Congress | The Daily Show

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 30, 2019
  • Democrats ramp up their internal debate over whether to begin impeachment proceedings in the wake of Robert Mueller’s statement.

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  • Alex Hanini

    Alex Hanini

     a months ago

    Whether Trump gets impeached or not, people in this country need a better education. Racism at a presidential rally or office should be made a crime. The first amendment wasn’t made so that a person in power could spread bigotry, prejudice and racism. If spreading prejudice in office is constitutional then amend the amendment. Also politicians need to be held accountable for the misinformation and lies that they tell to the American public.

    Also, what I don’t get it is that while Trump is saying yeah I did this and this was ok, why isn’t he already on trial? Wtf are we waiting for

  • Daniel Strassburger

    Daniel Strassburger

     a months ago

    I can’t wait for one of these guys to do a stand up act. Just hearing them say Trump would be 3 hours of laughing with this crowd. Steven Colbert would probably be best his audience is possibly even worse.

  • Doug Grinbergs

    Doug Grinbergs

     2 months ago

    But #Ukrainegate is #Impeachment 2.0

  • MrKjet256


     2 months ago

    Funny how people forget where they are from and what they received now

  • H.R. Sanders

    H.R. Sanders

     2 months ago

    Just make Trevor president already. Just sayin.

  • Celisar1


     4 months ago

    What’s Pelosi’s problem??!?
    There is no “rush”, damnit: there are the findings of a nearly two year long special investigation with hundreds of pages giving you all the details you could possibly need!!

  • Anth Sain

    Anth Sain

     4 months ago

    Well said trump. " i got me elected"

  • Vick Medel

    Vick Medel

     4 months ago

    Law is not perfect, but it is precise, concise and specific.
    I. Mueller’s Team is a clear investigating body, just simply gather information
    in consonance to jurisprudence. Their inquiry findings is just simply an
    information. They cannot comment, more so, they cannot recommend further
    actions. II. As to who or based in the constitution mandated to conduct such
    patriotic investigation, then it’s that “Appointing August Body” to forward it
    to a Prosecuting Body to further go over the “Investigation Report” for a
    possible “prima facie” (Statistical, Testimonial, Anecdotal, Analogical and
    circumstantial) Evidences. In law, rules of evidence govern the types of
    evidence that are admissible in a legal proceeding. IN POLITICAL (Impeachment)
    PROCEEDING, Congress will act as the Prosecutor to look into the
    “Investigation/Inquiry Report”. If sufficient evidences are prominent, Congress
    will submit an “Impeachment Case” to the (Impeachment Court) Senate, act as
    judge or jury tasked with being a trier of fact for the other issues of a case
    --- to judgment. Müller’s Report isn’t a dud.

  • Steve Butler

    Steve Butler

     4 months ago

    I listened to the entire Mueller (Good friend of Comey) Hearing. Then, I watched it. I did determine Trump tried to "influence" it, but his intent was NOT clear. Plus, Trump has Executive Privelege. So he is NOT "anyone else". He's not "sbove" the Law, but as President has a different set of laws & Constitutional principles that govern his actions. (Plus, the Dems want 15 million illegals to be openly "above the law" so the Dems are 100% lying.)

    Trumps intent could have been to fire Meuller ( Good Friend of Comey) & put in a "balanced" person.

    If I can figure out a two legal defenses (Executive Privelege, & Reduce the Bias) to cause Reasonable Doubt, the "obstruction" attack isn't going to be an impeachable act(s). Plus there was no actual obstruction, and no underlying crime. That's 4 Reasonable Doubt defenses.

    It'll be 100% a 'can of worms' if Team Trump does does Discovery on his impeachment defense, because it'll prove Nob Mueller never even read the Mueller Report, and it was crafted from bits & pieces of very biased, damning forced "testimony" & slanted scraps of biased material vs "what happened".

    The Dems cheated.
    Trump cheated.
    That's politics.
    Dirty, lying, unfair, corrupt, etc.

    Meanwhile, the Racial and group divisions are worsening because of the Tsunami of hatred the Dems have daily unleashed on all of us for 3 years. (5 more to go!)

    Trump is being a jerk right back to them. So, it's just open warfare.

    Hopefully someone will model taking the high road. (Rrrrright...🙏)

    Trump should apologize (😭) and act less arrogant, but since he NEVER has, it ain't happening. We got a Reality TV star for President. But, he's effectively improved our economy & security world wide plus openly taken on that the USA is the defacto Police Force of the World, and is being financially destroyed by unfair Trade practices. NAFTA, China stealing Intellectual Property....

    If Trump had lost, Hillary's actions would have resulted in China dominating World Trade by 2040 at the latest. The USA would be in an irreversible economic hole by now,, 80-90% Corporate Taxes, forced government healthcare about as good as the Veterans had (horrible!), massive limits on Free Speech, Socialist Fascist policies governing every business and individual by now defended by two extremely liberal Supreme Court picks, resulting in all out, open warfare on our long held Rights.

    Total Freedom is chaos. Someones rules have to be in place. A bunch of racist, slave owning White elites crafted a Constitution & Bill of Rights thats slowly becoming the best set of principles in the history of large societies.

    WW2 Japanese Internment Camps, mass genocide of Native Americans, enslaving millions of Blacks, and denying Women's Rights aside, we're making progress these last 250 years. If we could cooperate more...

    Face it. Trump's doing more of whats good than the Dems, who are signalling their desire to rewrite the US Constitution into a document written by some Gender Studies, crowd-sourced, feel-good pile of dung 💩.That's why Trump won. Socialist, Globalist, Corrupt Hillary wasn't honest, isn't even a Feminist, and nobody wanted her perv, rapist 💃🏃husband back in power. Well, himself so he could rape more women and girls 👰🏃 with his very good friends like Jeff Epstien 😈. (Look it up. 27 times on Epstiens plane! 27✈👰🏃😱)

    Republicans and Dems all allowed our Country to suck 👄 worse than a $20 whore!

    So, Donald Damned Duck could have gotten elected!

    And did!

    Make America Quack Again!

  • Eric Johnson

    Eric Johnson

     4 months ago

    calling BS on nancy, congress can impeach if they simply dislike the president. this has always been a matter of public opinion. trump is not the first foul mouthed biased president and he wont be the last.

  • Bobby Collins

    Bobby Collins

     4 months ago

    pelosi should've never been reelected to the speaker position.

  • Esther Alintah

    Esther Alintah

     4 months ago

    In the future Trevor will remember all these attacks on president Trump and say how low can a man go to get dollars

  • Esther Alintah

    Esther Alintah

     4 months ago

    Trevor stoops so low

  • Esther Alintah

    Esther Alintah

     4 months ago

    Crazy southafrican. Xenophobia country in United state accusing a sitting president

  • Cole Van Landuyt

    Cole Van Landuyt

     5 months ago +1

    Gent ready for a second term lmao 😂

  • Quiet Prophet

    Quiet Prophet

     5 months ago

    I like how he got him self elected while his hole campaign team from 2016 is in jail like trump go fuck your self disgusting fat peace of shit

  • Slytherclaw


     5 months ago

    "high crimes and misdemeanors
    Hip hop, hypocricy" -Styx

  • Evan Weaver

    Evan Weaver

     5 months ago

    I don’t think pres. Trump knows the difference between “crime” and “collusion”.

  • Celine Zubiri

    Celine Zubiri

     5 months ago

    Atleast your President speaks his mind, raw..... KUDOS MR TRUMP!!!!

  • Matthias Liszt

    Matthias Liszt

     6 months ago

    well, the Republicans can join the game and get rid of Trump. The Mexico rebellion was just a warning.