The Samsung Galaxy M Will Have A Radical Price



  • anshul sandilya

    anshul sandilya

     38 minutes ago +1

    Genuinely he is godfather of technology market

  • healingv1sion


     42 minutes ago

    I like this concept for a video! I feel like I'm watching Tek Syndicate again RIP 😭

  • Sidharth sanjeev

    Sidharth sanjeev

     47 minutes ago

    What do you people expect him to do when he has to let his subscribers know about new gadgets/smartphones that are not out yet? These phones are being discussed allover the internet. He is a global YouTuber...You people should have seen this coming sooner or later. Its not like new smartphones worth mentioning are being produced every single day.

  • Emmanuel Nwogwugwu

    Emmanuel Nwogwugwu

     an hour ago

    That background music though

  • Chris


     2 hours ago

    We have the Galaxy J series in South America and it sucks, low performance and low specs, if Samsung brings this Galaxy M series will be a new oportunity to fight against Xiaomi but it will be hard.

  • ahmed salaf ap

    ahmed salaf ap

     3 hours ago

    New set up . i liked it

  • Mable Vijayan

    Mable Vijayan

     3 hours ago

    India is getting an update . I'm proud to be an Indian. Indians like. Lol

  • The Compiler

    The Compiler

     6 hours ago

    5000 battery
    Samsung :who is your Daddy now

  • sk moulali

    sk moulali

     7 hours ago

    Ur voice 😍

  • Sakik / Umaeir

    Sakik / Umaeir

     7 hours ago


  • iCluffX


     7 hours ago

    Wait wait wait wait wait...
    Samsung has a notch!

  • Rohit kumar

    Rohit kumar

     9 hours ago

    samsung doing great 2019 will be the great bang for samsung s10 coming with bang and m series also s2010 will be samsung year gr8 job u r giving very awesome opinion love ur video

  • TEZZ vx

    TEZZ vx

     15 hours ago

    No, Lew!
    That phone is not the first time Samsung had a big battery phone.
    Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2016) has a 5,000 mAh battery as well. You did not review enough phones that's all.
    Please, do not misinform you're audience.

  • Droid Knight

    Droid Knight

     16 hours ago

    Willy Do seems to be lacking energy or excitement when talking about various subjects that you discussed. Hope you see this as constructive criticism.

  • Jakin Choi

    Jakin Choi

     17 hours ago

    If anyone, Lew is the one most suited one for discussing tech topics, and I find it very interesting and insightful. Hope Lew doesn't quit this session.

  • Murtuzaali


     21 hours ago

    For the first time Unbox has lost its edge.... Samsung can throw the kitchen sink at the mid to low end budget phone in India and will still fail to recapture the market. Chinese and Korean brands have gained trust in the masses, with low cost, high performance gadget that cannot be undercut by Samsung... Slump sales is what the future holds.

  • Ajanta Mukherjee

    Ajanta Mukherjee

     23 hours ago

    can m sereis repleace j series like j2or j7 .

  • amar jobanputra

    amar jobanputra

     23 hours ago

    Stupid India stop taken our phones

  • Silent eye

    Silent eye


    Jal gaya lewis ka gand 😂😂

  • M Viv

    M Viv


    Indians go for Samsung, LG, Sony and videocon for electronic stuff.