Johnny Depp & Ricky Gervais on the Graham Norton show [3/3]

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 9, 2011
  • Graham Norton chats to Hollywood icon Johnny Depp, Oscar-nominated actress Carey Mulligan, comedy superstar Ricky Gervais, and top stand-up Ed Byrne.
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  • Uncouth Behavior

    Uncouth Behavior

     7 hours ago

    'There's pedophiles with my job, what have I done?'

  • Bulgaria BG

    Bulgaria BG

     11 hours ago

    You are all going to Hell you fucking 🌟 starts ⤵️⚰️💀🔥❄️🔥

  • Boring Television

    Boring Television

     2 days ago

    muhammed-- you happy donkey

  • Adhd Billionaire

    Adhd Billionaire

     3 days ago

    Never noticed but he is so jack sparrow

  • Etsi Juuret

    Etsi Juuret

     6 days ago

    He should play the Obi-Wan instead of McGregor!

  • Anne Smith

    Anne Smith

     7 days ago +1

    Johnny Depp is such a sweet, nice best actor ever

  • cosmicdog


     8 days ago

    A 'screen grab', I thought that was the technical term for street robbers stealing your phone. lol.

  • Lyanna Winter

    Lyanna Winter

     8 days ago

    4:25 that line delivery was just superb.

  • Kev Mavis

    Kev Mavis

     9 days ago

    yes all religious people are fkn idiots so lets let Muslims into the country!!!!???? LIBTARDS!!!!!

  • Cliff Riley

    Cliff Riley

     9 days ago

    I love Ricky. He must be a kindred spirit to me cause I too say things that people may think but don't have the balls to say. Intent starts

  • Lely Larasati

    Lely Larasati

     10 days ago

    Johny Depp is so kind! That woman is so lucky!♥

  • Alex Kendi

    Alex Kendi

     10 days ago

    Muhammad fuck you I was really stoned listening to your story and I was about to die laughing loooooool



     13 days ago

    It's very nice to see you again! Pat on the back ...

  • MVP_KZ


     14 days ago

    Hahahah love this show :)

  • Christina G.

    Christina G.

     14 days ago

    Johnny Depp's accent is... Deppish

  • zoned247


     15 days ago

    Gervais is so boring. Not remotely edgy at all (except in his own mind)

  • Athul Das

    Athul Das

     15 days ago

    Ricky Gervais and David bowie have a similar type of smile

  • chiheb baazaoui

    chiheb baazaoui

     16 days ago

    it's funny how she completely ignored all the other guests hahaha

  • Simon Robson

    Simon Robson

     16 days ago

    I was mistaken for Johnny Depp the other day, yeah. The young woman pinned me down to the floor and started eating my penis with macabre relish! Can't say I never enjoyed it!

  • David Johnson

    David Johnson

     16 days ago

    Was enjoying that until that Somalian came on, he sounded very much like a Jamaican, like most Londoner's these days I suppose.