Dog Trusts His Brother More Than Anyone - Hedgie the Pitbull | The Dodo

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 26, 2018
  • Dog Trusts His Brother More Than Anyone | This shelter dog was so shy around his new family — then he started hanging out with his brother. You can keep up with Hedgie, Mason and all of their adventures on Instagram, hedgiethehedgedog: You can also follow them on Facebook:

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  • Coconut ScienceGirl92

    Coconut ScienceGirl92

     an hour ago

    The kid isn’t allowed to go to college

  • Brian wilcox

    Brian wilcox

     an hour ago

    I L♡VE this! You guys are meant for each other! Hedgie is such a good dog, and Mason.. You're such an incredible owner and young man. You take such great care of Hedgie. You can literally see the love you have for each other. Sending some positive and healing energy Hedgies way. Wish you guys all the best ❤

  • Mrrreell S2

    Mrrreell S2

     22 hours ago

    I wish more people and kids cared that much for the animals. It would cut down on the brutality of the animals. So glad they bonded and found a way to feed him. He loves his chair and that was a great idea.

  • George Ruiz

    George Ruiz


    I tried not to cry to

  • George Ruiz

    George Ruiz


    2:27 good job man

  • Someone Someone

    Someone Someone


    Me about my food

  • Amy B.

    Amy B.

     4 days ago

    So sweet!!!

  • GIOodst


     5 days ago

    Damn dodo, i hate u, this was a fine day until i saw your damn moving videos! I'm crying like a little girl rightnow!

  • Fsya Sya

    Fsya Sya

     6 days ago

    The Dog \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥ The owner▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一♡

  • Jesse Dawnchen

    Jesse Dawnchen

     7 days ago

    Too much sorrow, too much pain, too many reasons, too much love. I don't know why ......

  • Rasmus Bro

    Rasmus Bro

     10 days ago +1

    He is fucking the dog, that's why

  • Taher Adenwala

    Taher Adenwala

     13 days ago

    We humans dont deserve a dog 🐶

  • Birgit Baltersen

    Birgit Baltersen

     13 days ago

    BIG BIG BIG love 😍❤️🇩🇰

  • Lake Baikal

    Lake Baikal

     14 days ago

    How a dog can be our best friend? They are our slaves and should be treated the same way.

  • ritalin


     14 days ago

    Meanwhile my cat hates me

  • Diamond Sparklez

    Diamond Sparklez

     14 days ago +1

    how to make a dog bond to you
    step 1 : sleep next to it
    Lol but THIS was a cute story

  • Super Noobie

    Super Noobie

     14 days ago


  • Vamsi Vamsi

    Vamsi Vamsi

     15 days ago

    I respect that guy for taking care of such a sweet dog

  • ʀʏᴀɴ ᴋɪɴɢ

    ʀʏᴀɴ ᴋɪɴɢ

     15 days ago +1

    My dog pissed on my bed.

  • Maria Thereza Teixeira

    Maria Thereza Teixeira

     15 days ago

    Lindo demais! ❤ Desejo muita saúde paz e amor para esse doce Anjinho e para toda a sua família! !! Deus os abençoe! ! 😍😍😍❤💕❤💕