You Don't Need To LOVE Your Body | Sarah Rae Vargas

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 5, 2019
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  • Kari Wood

    Kari Wood

     2 months ago

    late to the party with this video, but i love your message. i know someone who says “the weight you are is the weight you’re supposed to be” and i was just like... no.. i’m 4’11”, i was very much overweight for my height and then i lost twenty pounds and i’m allowed to be happy about it. me at my heaviest weight isn’t what i was “supposed” to be and it also wasn’t healthy. but i can change it if i want to and i think that should be the message really

  • Bubbles Hill

    Bubbles Hill

     2 months ago

    Big girl and small boobs is a struggle. Seems like EVERYTHING is made with big boobs in mind. Makes finding something that fits you in a, oh oh I’m going to say it, flattering way is impossible. Esp lingerie. The one perk being a big girl is is having the boobs to go with. Nope. Not in my world damnit. So in the moment when you want to maybe feel good for a moment. You’re like damnit why? I’m so glad I’m not alone. I know that sounds bad. But I know you know what I mean. Felt like I was alone in the struggle And it really is a struggle. And as a life giver, my belly doesn’t bother me as much as my damn arms do. So I understand that struggle. Have to make the top of my arms fit. Then the rest is loose. Like damnit. On the inside I feel like a fraud bc I try to teach my children to love their bodies.

  • Nena R

    Nena R

     2 months ago

    Preach Sarah...I've got the big bat arms, muscley calves, and the kangaroo pooch. Do I wanna work on it, absolutely. But I don't beat myself up about it every day. Occasionally yes I do complain about it more. That's why we love u Sarah...cuz u real girl. You don't sugar-coat anything.

  • Only Me

    Only Me

     2 months ago

    Love your passion and your realism <3 speaking the truth

  • Kendalle Elsley

    Kendalle Elsley

     2 months ago


  • Jazmine Hall

    Jazmine Hall

     2 months ago

    I just found you and I love you. Especially that energy when you said "bish!" WITH the damn hair flip! Lol and we're both in Illinois so it makes me like you sureeeeee. K bye 😘

  • Sydney M

    Sydney M

     2 months ago

    AMEN SARAH! I friggin love the way that you think and carry yourself. Honestly your videos make me feel like being me, just as I am is perfect, but also doesn't mean I can't change! Your videos make me feel real af and I love it! Good vibes to you♥️♥️♥️

  • T.V. H.

    T.V. H.

     2 months ago

    Sarah ....Oh Sarah.....Sarah, when I tell you I feel you have pulled my scalp back and just expressed exactly what I was thinking, YOU DID THAT! I'm 6'1, plus size and have a "whole lotta thangs" I would like to change but I still thank God that I have all my fingers & toes (no matter how long they are lol) and all my limbs (no matter how big they are)'re right, this body is just a vessel that will one day be turned back to dirt and that's everybody no matter how gorgeous they are now, one day we will all be "on the same level". If I want to post a flattering photo or wear clothes that flatters my body, I'm going to do that without explanation as to why I did it. I did it because I wanted to and that should be enough. If people filter their photo, they have to hashtag every filter they used, if they wear certain things that society deems inappropriate for their body type, they feel the need to really push the reason why, in fear of getting "called out" I guess. Doing all that just sounds hard, time consuming and would take far too much effort on my part. (I need a nap Lol) I wrote this whole research paper to say this... I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE!! :-)

  • Shelby Garrod

    Shelby Garrod

     3 months ago

    Yes yes yes yes yes. The truth. Finally 🙌

  • Mel B

    Mel B

     3 months ago

    Hell no! Please for the love of what’s real and true keep it real!! I have appreciated u the most because I sadly too have fat ass arms😡 and I don’t give a shit how many babies I’ve had they will never be tiger stripes for me either girl! The world tells us enough lies why lie to ourselves? If I can’t be true to me who will be besides my man and my kids??? lol
    I appreciate another mother who can feel herself bigger & know she looks good, and really feel herself losing some of it too! I personally know I try to look good everyday and I will still get my ass on my elliptical everyday I can until I reach that goal if I’m on the damn thing every day until I die😂

  • Janna Jones

    Janna Jones

     3 months ago


  • Gabrielle Rice

    Gabrielle Rice

     3 months ago

    I subscribed after the "bi--" and hair flip lol

  • esmeralda felix

    esmeralda felix

     3 months ago

    Omg exactly how I feel 😩😩😩 Like before I leave the house I feel bomb but once I step out the door I start feeling like I don’t measure up to every other thinner girl.

  • Nancy Marin

    Nancy Marin

     3 months ago

    Recently my confidence has been not what it used to. Watching this has sparked that again honestly. I’m surrounded by people that just hate everything about themselves and I feel like I’ve let that get to my head. Thank you Sarah!!!

  • Queen Janine

    Queen Janine

     3 months ago

    My favorite of all your videos. Thanks Sarah Rae

  • Adventures of Emma and Liz

    Adventures of Emma and Liz

     3 months ago

    I like it!! Awesome!

  • Erica corey

    Erica corey

     3 months ago

    You made it , 8 yrs I think LoL 😁😍 😘

  • Tammie Roth

    Tammie Roth

     3 months ago

    Good job great video

  • Candi Walton

    Candi Walton

     4 months ago

    I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!!! I'm new to your page but you're so inspiring, I love this so much because I don't necessarily love my body but I want so bad to accept it ,your confidence is so addictive ,THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU❤

  • Heather Paar

    Heather Paar

     4 months ago

    If you love your body the way it is, that's great if you feel good.