Kevin Durant On Signing w/ Nets, Considering Knicks & Wizards, Time In GS + Names Top 5 Rappers

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 8, 2019
  • Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant showed up to Ebro in the Morning to have a conversation on why he decided to sign with the team, if he ever considered playing for the Knicks or his hometown Washington Wizards, his time with the Golden State Warriors, whether he feels he returned too early from injury and more.

    He also gave us an update on his health, and whether Nets fans can expect him to get on the court.

    Before leaving, he named his top 5 rappers right now & who he feels deserves more of the spotlight.

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  • Tyler Grant

    Tyler Grant

     an hour ago

    6:06 wat ebro jus said abt nyk is exactly what hes done w hot 97

  • Tyler Grant

    Tyler Grant

     an hour ago

    3:54 when th third wall in radio comes down you see how ebro unviels th politics of radio he created at hot 97 to kill hip hop new york ..smfh

  • md riverrdale

    md riverrdale

     5 hours ago

    Signing Kevin Durant might be one
    Of the greatest ripoffs in the last century He will never be the same
    And the Dr. That cleared him I would sue for MALPRACTICE.
    Hey Nets are you interested
    In buying the Brooklyn btidge.

  • Ali H

    Ali H

     6 hours ago

    14:47 that hurt KDs ego

  • Sebastian


     6 hours ago

    its still knicks town, nets can go back to new jersey

  • Saul Rodriguez y Ruiz

    Saul Rodriguez y Ruiz

     6 hours ago

    Kevin Garnett yikes

  • Shawn Story

    Shawn Story

     9 hours ago

    Bandana is on constant rotation!!!

  • Gleck O. Dunn

    Gleck O. Dunn

     13 hours ago +2

    It would've been nice to see him go home and lift up that backcourt duo in washington.

  • LOR HakeemxOlajuwon-

    LOR HakeemxOlajuwon-

     15 hours ago +4

    Niggas still hatin just cuz he went to warriors

  • Marvid Eladiv

    Marvid Eladiv

     15 hours ago

    The Knicks Magement of Steve Mills and Steve Perry are the two of the biggest liars on the Planet besides Republicans and Donald Trump. The Lie was that Porzingus asked to be traded or that he would not play for the Knicks. That is the bigus lie that the kn8cks management want knicks fans want to believe. The Knicks traded Porzingus to clear cap space so they could get Khyrie Irvin and Kevin Durant. What is the difference between trading one star who was recovering from an injury and having two stars whom are oftern injured and now recovering from injuries? The problem is the gullible Knicks fans will believe any lie. Perry and Mills tell the fanbase and support the Knicks and the knicks fans will still buy Knicks tickets to support the Knicks. Wake up Knicks fans you have been lied too and been bamboozled and hoodwinked. Porzingus will become a star on The Mavericks and Kevin Durant and Khrue Irvin never wanted to be Knicks which they see as a losing team without Star players.
    The Knicks hope to recover but these type of lies and mismanagement from Perry and Mills will impact the Knicks for many years to come.



     17 hours ago +1

    The GOAT

  • kid kid

    kid kid

     yesterday +2


  • Ruben Magana

    Ruben Magana

     yesterday +4

    Kd has always disrespected kawhi and to hear him slightly give him credit it really makes me happy.

  • Adam Saunders

    Adam Saunders

     yesterday +9

    If kd get a ring on the nets he better than Jordan 💯

  • Daniel Shi Ke

    Daniel Shi Ke

     yesterday +4


  • Gratitude beyond The Stratosphere

    Gratitude beyond The Stratosphere

     yesterday +3

    It’s a GM issue for the knicks

  • Jonny Mons

    Jonny Mons

     yesterday +3

    Go to 0:45 and turn CC on.. ⚱️🐍

  • don jefe

    don jefe

     yesterday +6

    he fucked his legacy up the moment he left okc....... he coulda been the kobe of okc but nooooooooo

  • three



    S/o kd

  • Troll Gang

    Troll Gang

     yesterday +1

    This nigga said he hate the Giants lmaooo