Carmelo Anthony IMPRESSED Watching HIS SON!! Kiyan Anthony is a BUCKET!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 27, 2019
  • Carmelo Anthony and Tim Hardaway Jr pulled up to Carmelo's son game. They were both impressed by the way Kiyan Anthony was playing! Kiyan is a bucket getter and is only getting better!

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  • Demetrius Middleton

    Demetrius Middleton

     21 days ago

    Lil man feet look like he gon be at least 8'3"



     a months ago

    Wade lebron Paul Anthony sons I like them to team up

  • Edward Gore

    Edward Gore

     a months ago

    Maybe Melo's son can make the NBA & hit his pops off💵 💵 💵👀😉

  • dbasicbuckets


     a months ago

    he’s only 12 omg

  • Chris56076


     a months ago +1

    I thought melo son had a Du rag on 😂😂😂

  • Joice Inah Ranario

    Joice Inah Ranario

     2 months ago

    Not Kieran kiyan

  • Joice Inah Ranario

    Joice Inah Ranario

     2 months ago

    That's my name Kieran not Joice that's my mother

  • henok baraki

    henok baraki

     2 months ago

    His style of play remind me of cj from Portland trailblazer. This kid going to be special when he’s in the nba

  • Dope Boy

    Dope Boy

     2 months ago

    Funny how lebron, Paul, wade, and melo got a son except for kobe

  • Joshua Hartley

    Joshua Hartley

     2 months ago

    Melo never did a floater in his life lol

  • 380 Badie

    380 Badie

     2 months ago

    Hearing your family and love ones cheer at your games makes you so happy and competitive...I'ma be the same way with my shorties.

  • N’dia Carter

    N’dia Carter

     2 months ago

    That’s right Carmelo get your ring through him, it still counts for you‼️💯



     2 months ago

    If James Harden’s defense was as good as his offense he would be the best player we’ve ever seen even without rings or at least 1.

    To Carmelo:👀

  • Hollywood5tar


     2 months ago

    It’s hard being better than your dad

  • frank ellizer umadhay

    frank ellizer umadhay

     2 months ago

    shit... he shoots better than ben simmons.....

  • Martina Gutierrez

    Martina Gutierrez

     2 months ago

    Melo teach your son to be a team player unselfish and play both ends of the floor at 110percent and he will be good

  • wheresBIGTUNEZ


     2 months ago

    Wow he already passes better than his Daddy

  • John Doe

    John Doe

     2 months ago

    Float gameee

  • Michael Asante

    Michael Asante

     2 months ago

    Wonder how he feels about his parents being cheating machines.

  • J Roc

    J Roc

     3 months ago

    Hardaway showing support. Glad Melo supporting his son. RESPECT.