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  • Published on:  Monday, July 30, 2018
  • Today I challenge Ellie to the Red Light Challenge (or stop light challenge)! Ellie has to get her full face of make up done in 5 red lights! Can she do it? Will the kids approve? Let's find out!
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    Ellie LOVES make up. Some days she takes a LONG time getting her makeup done, but other times she's a wizard and can do it in the blink of an eye. Let's take Ellie off guard and challenge her to do this Red Light Make Up Challenge and see how she does! You get 5 red lights to do the challenge, and you can pass 3 lights. The face you finish with is what you have to wear the WHOLE DAY!

    Thanks to Shay Mitchell for coming up with this idea, watch the original video with Manny Mua here -

    Bollie Case -

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  • Ellie and Jared

    Ellie and Jared

     3 months ago +237

    Happy Monday and welcome back to the vlog! Did you guys have a good weekend? WE SURE DID! How do you guys think Ellie did on the challenge? What should she challenge me to do? LET US KNOW! ☺️

  • Yadira Peña

    Yadira Peña

     22 hours ago +1

    yadira nersaz ersaz kersaz juster girls bersaz bersaz juster juster hersaz boys friends

  • Kay Mae Beauty

    Kay Mae Beauty

     25 days ago

    This was sooo funny omg love you guys

  • Natasha Rosin

    Natasha Rosin

     2 months ago


  • Art For Life

    Art For Life

     2 months ago

    "Byeeeeeeee boop" awe daily bumps I miss missy and Brian

  • KC_journeytobaby


     2 months ago

    Omg I love this challenge and I'm definitely going to do this one !

  • beatrix_ ultimate

    beatrix_ ultimate

     2 months ago

    I thought you were going to run red lights but I know you would never do that lol

  • Ngân Đỗ

    Ngân Đỗ

     2 months ago

    Alô alô alô alô

  • madlyhadley


     2 months ago

    I was not expecting that line BLEEEEEEEEEEEP

  • Beckie Houston

    Beckie Houston

     2 months ago

    I was getting anxious for you Ellie oh my, good job Ellie!

  • Ella Niklas

    Ella Niklas

     2 months ago

    Please do Jared editing video in 5 stop lights and he publishes whatever the finished product is. Not my idea but want it to get picked so I am re posting

  • Khaled Elsabawi

    Khaled Elsabawi

     2 months ago

    Run after the car

  • Alexandria Gandee

    Alexandria Gandee

     2 months ago

    Jared’s challenge should be he has to shave!! Shave at red lights shaving cream and razor! Please this would be hilarious!!

  • Kellie Sherriff

    Kellie Sherriff

     2 months ago

    ellie bonnie and ruby voice sounds the same

  • Vid'sByGabbie


     2 months ago

    She cussed when it beeped

  • Eliza Britton

    Eliza Britton

     2 months ago


  • Chipper ChelseaKay

    Chipper ChelseaKay

     2 months ago

    What a PERFECT Challenge for Ellie! That was so fun to watch too! And not gonna lie, I totally caught your kisses at the end of the vlog 😘💁🏻‍♀️

  • Lanae Hoffman

    Lanae Hoffman

     2 months ago

    what shade of mac lipstick do you use?

  • Isabelle Bernuy

    Isabelle Bernuy

     3 months ago

    That was so fun to watch!

  • Maren Jenkins

    Maren Jenkins

     3 months ago

    tommy is so cute