Twins Only Say YES To Each Other For A Day

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 8, 2019
  • We tried to fix our brotherly arguing problem but idk if it worked :/


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  • Xoxo, Kierstyn

    Xoxo, Kierstyn

     2 minutes ago +1

    “he has a pillow over his head board ...... who the fuck was sleeping up there?!” 😂😂😂

  • Alexandra Emily Hill

    Alexandra Emily Hill

     2 minutes ago

    lol is that milk shake from Mcdonalds?

  • 8dealwithit8


     5 minutes ago

    Ethan looks like Gaston without a beard

  • Kayla Gomes

    Kayla Gomes

     8 minutes ago

    Ethan is such a pussy



     11 minutes ago

    Can u guys help a fellow youtuber out to get to 10 subs? Thanks!

  • Sahana VLOGS

    Sahana VLOGS

     12 minutes ago


  • Jazzy Ed

    Jazzy Ed

     18 minutes ago

    Lol who the f*ck was sleeping up there. Ahahhahaha

  • Tana DayRider

    Tana DayRider

     31 minutes ago

    3:57 you’re welcome 😍

  • Sofie xo

    Sofie xo

     38 minutes ago

    Lol when Grayson was holding his smoothe baby

  • Lix Larisa

    Lix Larisa

     41 minutes ago +1

    15:23 from here..starts their longest arguing time ever

  • D Madison

    D Madison

     50 minutes ago

    Ethan is an asshole no cap :/

  • D Madison

    D Madison

     51 minutes ago

    Ethan is an asshole no cap :/

  • Synne Marie

    Synne Marie

     59 minutes ago +1

    Love Ethan’s singing😍😂 more singing videos please

  • Maria Nikol

    Maria Nikol

     an hour ago

    I'm literally crying in the end !!hahahhaha

  • Emily W boo

    Emily W boo

     an hour ago

    Graysons bark💚

  • Mags Covers

    Mags Covers

     an hour ago

    When Ethan went into his Falsetto I fucking CACKLeD

  • Aleah Miller

    Aleah Miller

     an hour ago

    They're so childish, it's cute 😂😂😂

  • asdf1210 M

    asdf1210 M

     an hour ago

    Press X to pay respect to Ethan’s moustache

  • Iliana Fricano

    Iliana Fricano

     an hour ago

    Has anyone noticed that Ethan claims he is allergic to fruits and vegetables but, in this video he eats grapes??

  • We are but Dust and Shadows

    We are but Dust and Shadows

     an hour ago

    ethan:i hope u do.. I hope u do pop
    grayson:i hope u get another pimple on your cheek