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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • The Acura NSX is a Formula 1-inspired masterpiece that stole the hearts of car enthusiasts around the world. The NSX was Honda's first supercar, built to take on Ferrari and launch the Acura brand. The Acura NSX quickly became a performance icon. Representing the physical manifestation of a magical partnership between Honda engineers and the king of Formula 1, Ayrton Senna. This monumental piece of automotive history will forever be remembered as Japan’s most influential supercar of the 20th century.

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  • Joe Kundrick

    Joe Kundrick

     2 days ago

    How the fuck did I not find you guys earlier?!?!?!!??!!!! Jesus. This is the best YouTubing ever! Fucking car gravy fuck fuck!!!

  • Matt DeWolfe

    Matt DeWolfe

     3 days ago

    C series/Silverado

  • Gustavo Rivera

    Gustavo Rivera

     3 days ago

    "#justlikemydad" XD

  • Iron Bra

    Iron Bra

     4 days ago

    To be honest I like the Older NSX better than the new NSX

  • nenemtz87


     7 days ago

    Really...monocock...u just let monocock go without a joke thrown in there

  • Larry闭嘴


     7 days ago

    12:38 WhAT?

  • dylan Hay

    dylan Hay

     7 days ago

    The Halo infinite thing had me dead

  • jsong21


     8 days ago

    NSX is one of the most iconic cars ever made. It is still damn beautiful today

  • boldswede


     9 days ago

    you're so right. you dont know what you got till it's gone. The non pop up lights nsx-r was the best imo.

  • Devon Profitt

    Devon Profitt

     9 days ago

    Anyone else notice the VW Beetle with the fifteen52’s

  • Mario dacosta mosteiro

    Mario dacosta mosteiro

     10 days ago

    What car is that?
    Every single kid when see a NSX

  • LittleMopeHead


     10 days ago

    NSX 1991-2005. No more, no less.

  • Jonis Celindro

    Jonis Celindro

     10 days ago

    wait a second the clip at 11:08 makes no sense. Why are the front tire spinning on the dyno?

  • P Mrt

    P Mrt

     10 days ago

    It probably would of sold better, but the S2000 was just as fast for 1/3 the price.

  • ken meister

    ken meister

     10 days ago

    nice wham song



     12 days ago

    This was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do one on how to like a video twice

  • Theninety


     12 days ago

    just gonna say it hate me if you will. Acura us honda so honda needs to understand "A cheaper car with a shit ton of power will get you the deals." simple equation. more people on the planet a lot more money per person but everyone is poor. make a cheaper car so the poor people can buy them like hot cakes and you basically have a sucess that will last forever. pff i might just buy acura and start designing a super car for cheap so that i can set everything back to the way it should be. aircraft grade aluminum with triforced spacer metal will fix all the problems they listed with weight. cheap abundant and wont crincle like a tin can on impact. easy to manufacture and the chasis will only cast 1,000 to produce. just add the extra 20,000 dollars worth of compon3nts and boom. got yourself a supercar for cheap. if not just mod a beetle. easier than all that.

  • kyle Dove

    kyle Dove

     12 days ago

    Be new NSX is my dream car

  • george p

    george p

     12 days ago

    Haha Bart Simpson 😁

  • That One Super Saiyan

    That One Super Saiyan

     13 days ago

    “A billion of you better watch it!”
    Two months later and not even a million watched