Selling White Buffalo For THIS! A Very Tough Decision...

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 6, 2018

    Hit up the guys at Stingray Chevrolet Bartow!
    Phone number: 863-533-0777

    -Leroy's ECU (Holley Dominator) -
    -Precision Turbo (turbos, BOV, waste gates) -
    -Jeremy's Shop, Fasterproms (tuning) - (813) 476-7364
    -Texas Speed & Performance - (512) 863-0900
    -Motion Raceworks - (563) 345-7223
    -ProFab Performance Plus - (727) 849-9300
    -RPM Transmissions -
    -Billet T4 Flanges -

    "Leroy the Savage T-SHIRT" -
    “DO IT FOR DALE” Cleetus/1320Video T-Shirt -
    Cleetus "Twin Turbskies" T-Shirts -
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  • victor johnson

    victor johnson

     21 days ago

    Get a Prevost you will love it so much better on the road

  • Michael Belcher

    Michael Belcher

     1 months ago

    Don't downgrade

  • Dwayne Miller

    Dwayne Miller

     1 months ago

    Do it for Dale!!!

  • Jeremy Stuber

    Jeremy Stuber

     1 months ago

    Dirty Max all the way! 🎯💯

  • Robert B

    Robert B

     1 months ago

    Lol starts video saying he want reliability... Shops for a dity-max??? Lmao best bet would have been a Ford but that Cummins ain't no joke either it's that Ram package they wrap it in that ruins it

  • Dave Iauco

    Dave Iauco

     2 months ago

    I recently jumped ship from chevy and ended up with a Ram. I hate the God damned thing (thankfully it’s a lease). Ram’s packages suck as does the fact that I was told by the dealership that there’s no way I’m going to find a big horn with the rear locker or heated mirrors. Stuck with this thing for 36 months then I’ll be buying another Chevy.

  • lincoln22087 smith

    lincoln22087 smith

     2 months ago

    dude that dodge will make it there and back 40 times before u have to worry

  • Bob Poitras

    Bob Poitras

     3 months ago

    You not try a RAM Limited for say that

  • kopfgeldjagar


     3 months ago

    I've done the Las Vegas to Florida trip about four times. Isn't fun



     3 months ago

    When your done with white buffalo, i would gladly take her and give her a good home for the rest of her life!!!!!!????? Just let me know when i need to come pick her up!!???

  • Ryan


     4 months ago

    So u want somthing reliable and you go to Chevy funny joke😂

  • Gage Schaardt

    Gage Schaardt

     4 months ago

    6.7 powerstroke bud.

  • Connor O

    Connor O

     4 months ago +10

    Old Buffy is still hanging around so I guess they didn’t buy it haha

  • asusmofo


     4 months ago

    And than came Monica

  • Christopher Patrick

    Christopher Patrick

     4 months ago

    If your looking at a truck should look into getting the 2020 KW W990L IT HAS ALL THE FEATURES as lane assist and follow distance warning and collision warning and it can hual up to 80,000lbs and all you need is a class A cdl

  • Christopher Patrick

    Christopher Patrick

     4 months ago

    Hey cledus I drive for Stevens transport out of dallas, tx Im 1 of your tx fans I missed the Aug.24th show when is the next show coming up

  • Ryan Bender

    Ryan Bender

     5 months ago

    A white 2020 gmc 3500

  • Joseph Parnes

    Joseph Parnes

     5 months ago

    So glad you kept Buffy. Worked out well cause you have Monica now. I saw a Monico RV today and thought it was you guys but then I saw it was towing a Honda CRV and was like nope.

  • wvXvxvXvw


     6 months ago

    You want something more reliable than a Cummins? I think the only option is the sun. Nothing else is more reliable.

  • Alex Bartholomew

    Alex Bartholomew

     6 months ago

    Go check out the new Ram that just came out. The interior absolutely blows the gm and ford interiors out of the water, no comparison. Also class leading towing. Also, the cruise control on the new Ram can take you all the way down to a dead stop, and then take back off without touching anything.