Selling White Buffalo For THIS! A Very Tough Decision...

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 6, 2018
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  • Hunter J

     1 years ago


  • Rich Paxton

     1 years ago

    “We came for a dually, we’re test driving a Mclaren”.

  • Keith Webster

     3 months ago

    Best engine- Ram CumminsBest Transmission- GM AllisonBest Cup Holders- Ford

  • Big C

     2 months ago

    Best heated tailgate-Dodge

  • Zach Johnson

     1 years ago

    Keep to Duramax or Cummins, never get a powerstroke...unless you like non-functional trucks, then go ahead!

  • Monkey_On_Drugs

     1 months ago

    Having worked for multiple diesel shops and dealerships, your comment couldn’t any more off base. Go buy a new duramax and get back to me within the first 90 days and how many trips to the dealership you made. I Currently work for GM and the duramax’s are by far the biggest pieces of shit I’ve dealt with. Stint before that was ring power with caterpillar engines. CAT has a couple of engine models that are absolute legends, and another handful that are junk. Before that was Cummins South. By far t...

  • Cody Parker

     1 months ago

    The new 6.7s are reliable beasts. The older ones are junk though I agree

  • William Huston, RN

     1 years ago

    Cleetus, Look into buying a HDT Class 8. Im a travel nurse who tows an RV across the country, i had both Duramax and Cummins trucks and both gave me issues. I got 10mpg in the duramax and 11mpg in the cummins i had towing. I bought a 2004 Volvo 630 w/ 900k for 15k, 2 years ago and its been so nice compared to pickup trucks. You can remove the commercial 5th wheel and add bumper pull like i did and get it registered under normal truck tags. I pay 1/3rd less a year in insurance, but i get 1-2mpg less per...

  • Cesar Palmos

     11 months ago

    Next time test drive a SD f450..

  • charles clawson

     11 months ago

    William Huston, Realtor recently made the switch from a pickup to a single axle day cab for work and I'm with you. better brakes more reliable and all the truck stop perks. medium duty all the way

  • Trevor Mangus

     1 years ago

    You really need to go test drive a new F450 the wide track front suspension gives a much tighter turn radius over the others easier to maneuver a trailer

  • TimmyTeaBag

     1 years ago

    Powerstroke Strong 903 yeah but for towing the rear diff and trans can't handle the torque

  • Darth PuffMaN

     1 years ago

    Oh noes. A duramax, a McLaren, multiple corvettes... You're turning into streetspeed717 :DNext thing you know you'll be coming home with a Volkswagen!

  • jason fletcher

     6 months ago

    Best thing he can do is come home with a voltz better yet a Audi a4 b5

  • JT

     1 years ago

    Fuck that guy

  • truckguyjoe

     1 years ago

    L5P Duramax absolute powerhouse tow rig with excellent ride, acceleration, awesome exhaust brake.

  • Fordman8011

     4 months ago


  • jay bee

     10 months ago

    Have you read anything I have said? You're definitely the idiot.......

  • Peter King

     1 years ago

    White is far cooler 😎 (temperature) than black.

  • Derek Shrewsbury

     1 years ago

    The color matched LTZ white with black wheels and a leveling kit is the ultimate tow Pig. Do not touch the two intake exhaust engine Etc, and it will be the best vehicle you have ever owned hands down. Modded vehicles are cool but nothing beats Factory reliability and power with a warranty